BCK II and coordinates

Supposedly anyone, who is familiar with BCK II knows, that best way to align parts properly is to adjust their location manually by entering coordinates, because creator was so kind to make them exactly the proper size.

The question is, is there anywhere a toolset plugin, that for some reason eluded my sight, which would snap placed objects to coordinates automatically, since wasting 4+ hours on building a palace and then wasting another 2 becuase I need to relocate it and then I have to adjust every single placeable to have nice Natural-numbered coordinates makes me seriously consider, that it would have been greatly easier to simply fire up blender and create a complete separate model for the palace I was intending.

You can use the group tool to relocate multiple parts together.


Thank Thee. I use groups too. Indeed, group helps a lot but if building was a bit incomplete and I will have to add few parts to it after maneuvers are done, it still is a problem.