BD Support refuses to address my issue Niv please help!

BD Support is refusing to deal with an issue of mine. They continue to close it instead of replying. @niv, please help.

Case # 33207 “NWN Premium Adventures Soundtrack DLC has wrong content”

Unlike the NWN and Darkness over Daggerford soundtracks, the NWN Premium Adventures soundtrack contains 128-bit mp3 files which is exactly what comes with the game. In other words, I already paid for those music files when I bought EE (and Diamond edition, and the one before that). The NWN Premium Adventures soundtrack is supposed to contain the flac files (uncompressed) and the 392-bps mp3 files just like the NWN and DoD soundtracks.

All BD Support did was tell me which directory those 128-bit files are in and then closed the case. I complained that they didn’t address the issue, which re-opened the case. BD support promptly closed the case again.

If you folks do not have access to the uncompressed originals, then just admit it publicly and give me a refund. Otherwise, please provide the uncompressed files that I paid for. And I am sure that I am not the only one who feels ripped off buying 128-bit mp3 files that already come with the game. The product description should state the file format. Currently it does not.

I am very happy with NWN EE, with Darkness over Daggerford, with the Premium Modules, and with the uncompressed DoD & NWN soundtracks. I want to be pleased with the Premium Module Soundtrack as well, instead of feeling cheated.

Did you not notice that unlike the soundtracks for NwN, SoU and Hotu, neither the BD sales page nor the BD client says anything about flac tracks for the premium module’s soundtrack. You got what you paid for if not what you expected. A case of Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) I think.

At least you got the music. Because I got DoD before I got an upgrade to the digital deluxe from BD, I apparently have to pay for DoD’s soundtrack


@Tarot_Redhand, Did you not notice that the NWN/SoU/HotU soundtrack that you link to does NOT specify what the formats are in spite of the fact that you DO INDEED get the flac and high quality mp3 files?

That’s 83 uncompressed files for $9.99 ($0.12 ea.). Whereas the premium soundtrack is 16 files for $2.99 ($0.19 ea.). Seeing as how the premium soundtrack cost more per song than the NWN/SoU/HotU soundtrack, I think it is quite reasonable to expect it to be of the same quality. BUT NO! Not true! What we get for $2.99 is EXACTLY WHAT COMES WITH THE GAME! The exact, very same 128-bit files that you yourself of all people have been advertising as easy to convert to mp3. Yet by your twisted logic, anyone who buys the Premium Soundtrack is a fool.

I’m sorry Tarot, but I have to completely and utterly disagree with your reasoning here. To let BD off the hook with “caveat emptor” is downright reprehensible. You and I and many, many others have been supporting and singing the praises of BeamDog for the past year. To be sold the exact same 128-bit mp3 files that come with the game that I already purchased is a rip-off! I feel like I have been stabbed in the back because of this. Frankly I don’t know if I can ever buy another product from BD again. Up until this experience, I was going to buy the enhanced versions of Baldur’s Gate, BG II, Planescape, and IWD. I was going to buy direct from BD because I wanted to support them as best as I could. Because for the past year I have been quite happy with NWN: Enhanced. At this point, I can no longer sing their praises have no desire to give them a single penny more.

I and I’m quite sure many others expect far more from BD that to shrug it off as caveat emptor. BD is no Electronic Arts. Members of our own community are developing for BD (e.g. Niv, VirusMan).

Beamdog should state very clearly in the product description what is being sold. They don’t have to mention that the files are already there for the conversion, but they should state the format. And to not do so for the NWN soundtrack is to sell that product short.

If BD doesn’t have the uncompressed source for the Premium Soundtrack, I can accept that. But they should own up to their (hopefully unintentional) deceptive product description.

And for their support staff to simply close the ticket instead of giving an honest answer is completely unacceptable.

Caveat emptor indeed! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The page currently says “All tracks are available in .MP3 format only”. Maybe it said .flac too at some point, but it does not currently say so?

@kamal - yes, you are correct. However, It doesn’t state the fidelity of the mp3 files nor that both the DoD and the NWN/SoU/HotU soundtracks also include flac.

Any Beamdog support is mysteriously silent…

Just checked my copies of both the core games soundtracks and the premium modules soundtracks. The bit rate for most of the core game mp3s is 319kbps, but the 3 bonus tracks are 128kbps. The bit rates for the flac files varies from 460kbps to 821kbps depending on track. the bitrates for the premium module mp3s is 128kbps. All (both mp3s and flac) of them have a sample rate of 44100 Hz.

When you say that you tried going through support was it via this page? Says there that you had 14 days in which to get a ticket to get a refund if you are not happy with your purchase.


Yes it was, thank you. Which is why it is so aggravating that Support closed my case without solving it and when I re-open it, they close it again.

Getting a refund is my last choice. What I want is better quality music than what ships with the game. And I believe very strongly that BD should be honest about what’s in the box.

I would just go ahead and request a refund. They are generally pretty quick to do so. Especially if it’s a problem they can’t solve.

It’s not like you would be losing anything. You have the files from the game.