BDHD NPCs warping

Trying to use the BDHD art pack, and having some odd issues with some NPCs warping into weird shapes, and some others losing armor texture completely. Any fixes for these? I only use the override files at this time.

What’s really odd is in the toolset, I have 3 NPCs lined up. The right one shows distorted in the toolset. When I load the module the left NPC is something out of the Thing movie.

example: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I saw some BDHD community fixes, but they are in HAK form. If that is what I need to fix this I’ll get them in my list.

Are you using additional phenotypes? The skinmesh properties don’t properly inherit and it messes up. See: mounting someone on a horse. It’s a known issue and we’ll fix the base horse ones by essentially duplicating thousands of models (sigh!).

If it’s not a special phenotype not sure. If you’re using the latest version then all the major model issues like that should be fixed.

Appearance ‘Robe 019’ was the issue for me. That loin cloth appearance on the chest armor. Removing it fixed the character warp. Only seems to be affecting female model, the NPC standing next to her has the same armor appearance.

Fixed the mounted NPC armor by setting phenotype back to Normal from Normal Mounted, for now until those are fixed.

Thanks for the reply @Jasperre and thanks for all the hard work! :slight_smile:

We’ve not looked heavily at robes (they’re a bit…messy) will see if Robe 019 needs some fixes. Female Human right? weird stuff…

Not that Robes are not weird in general mind you.

Yes Human Female. No need to address this now over something else! In due time :slight_smile:

We’re working on fixing the female “tabard” robe for next update.
Thanks for the report, also we have 6 different download forms for the community fix, that includes haks, overrides, userpatch, compiled/uncompiled versions.

Targetting that for 1.4 the tabard fix

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