Beamdog will not being producing premium modules

I am announcing…
The old and canceled premium module Darkness over Daggerford was an exception Beamdog will not being producing premium modules - they did say that in the last live stream 15-06-2018.

Who are producing community premium modules now? I hope there is someone building a new module for solo playing, I could test your module and give you my experencied feedback.

Have you ever played and feedbacked my new recent module (31-12-2017) it’s called “Amnesia Chapter 1”. (released recently) It’s very nice for meeting Neverwinter Nights. I love that module.

Hmm… I heard that they won’t be publishing old existing modules anymore, but new premium modules are in the works.

The livestream recap from

Neverwinter Nights: Darkness Over Daggerford is a special case, we’re not interested in selling other modder created content.


Beamdog won’t be monetizing any other modules, such as my modules, or Prophet, or HeX cOdA, etc. They will be looking into making new Premium Modules though.