Beginner seeking advice RE tilesets

Hi there,
Total beginner here.
Creating a module where I want a huge ruined ship deck for the party to battle on/explore.
Managed to create a suitable model in Blender/Neverblender.
I now have to learn about putting it into a NWN Tileset and understanding RE walkmeshes etc.
Are there any good resources for me to read RE this?
This is the model I made, needs a bit of polish. one has to start somewhere.

I Haven’t made any tilesets myself but there are tutorials on YouTube here. Also you might find ideas in this tileset that deals with walkable ship’s decks. Also, this very simple tileset may be of use to you too.


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Thanks so much! I will look into these!

Another NWVault member provided me a link to this and I found the NWN Omnibus which has reference to a Tileset Construction Tutorial written by Bioware.

I will work through all the information. There appears to be about 100 or so pages to get through plus the videos so hopefully I will have some success making sense of it all.

You can pm me or you can join us on the dark sun mod discord ill answer any questions you got!