Best armor in OC?

What is the best armor with a high AC in the official campaign of EE?

Or else:
How much AC is required to pass all of the OC’s tests and monsters?

exactly 0 is required, some classes can beat all three OCs completely naked

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Ok i get it, so are you saying that by using protection spells, potions etc, you can also walk around without armor in the higher game difficulty?

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I am saying that the difficulty of the OC is extremely low as it was not the focus. Henchmen that accompany you can usually solo most of the stuff, there are summons too which are highly useful in OC and especially later summons can solo almost everything in there. And there is damage reduction / resistance too, be it from items or classes.

For example the base OC was never rebalanced when expansions came and gave player new classes, skills, spells, feats and possibility to get level 21+. All of these significantly reduce already low difficulty if you use it. Dwarven Defender can run around OC naked for example (and any spellcaster too). Taking tumble skill ranks grants you extra AC, Shadow Dancer also allows you to run OC naked due to the HIPS and so on.

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Exactly. M.E. the damage resistance given by belts and rings is the most important thing here. Spells and potions will come in handy every now and then. Then it’s a question of the class (and feats). Monks should always use AC 0 (and will survive). Many armors with AC 0 have a magical enhancement.

In my module Return to Jaral the best available armor is AC 0. It’s a mod for Rogues (Dexterity based PC).

A high armor class is nice, but not the decisive attribute.

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Thanks to all of you for the great information