Betrayal at Krondor NWN2 mod problem/ Hakpak editor

Hi everybody. I’ve a problem with the Betrayal at Krondor mod for NWN2.

The author’s instructions are:

"Place the following three files into the bakhak2.hak.

  • bak_moduleload.NCS
  • bak_moduleload.NSS
  • areamap.XML

To do this, use any hak pak editor to open the bakhak2.hak file and replace (overwrite) any files that are in there."

My problem is that I JUST PLAY NWN2. I don’t know ANYTHING about the ToolSet, PCs and almost nothing about life in general.
So: What is a “hak pak editor”? What I have to do to play the mod?

Thanks everybody!

Yes, that’s unfortunate. If you want to follow the instructions, you could try using this tool:

The Import button can be used to add files into the hak. The latter will then need to go into your hak folder (My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2\hak).

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Thanks a lot, rjshae! I’ll try it nect week.

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