BGR Enhancement Items Folder

…where to place it?

Can you provide a link to the mod in question, so that we know what you’re talking about?

I’m guessing that BGR might be Baldur’s Gate Reloaded? Even then, it’s not obvious which page of the Vault you mean.

Yeah, sorry about the vagueness… NWN 2 Baldur’s Gate Reloaded is the mod in question.

Here’s the link (not the Vault):

The Baldurs Gate Reloaded Enhancements is an unofficial mod that adds some functionality to BGR. It is installed in the BGR campaign folder.

I’ve done some googling and searching on my own, and even though the issue seems to be somewhat usual - google “neverwinter nights 2 2d texture missing” and one gets a good amount of hits regarding the issue.
But none of those hits seems to fix the issue that I face… I’ve emptied the Override folder (only has Charlie’s Item Change folders and some other folder named ‘custom’ which is related to the Greyhawk modules, Slavelords and the Giants. Re-installed the modules, nothing seems to work. Re-install the whole NWN2? Sigh…
One of the hits however, might provide the answer I’m looking for if only I knew how to understand it:

Not quite sure what to make of that thread… or maybe my hardware is just too new to handle BGR?

If there is nothing in your override folder that would conflict, then missing texture when playing BGR probably means that one or more of its hak files were not correctly installed. I would try replacing them before doing a complete reinstall of NWN2.

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