Bioware Creature Override

I have started a New Bioware Creature Override patch hak for NWN 1 on vault and Version 1 has been released.Bioware Creature Override

I am now working on version 1.1 and have started work to changed a few of the creature I really that I thought needed an upgrade.
The first being the Helm Horror

Community inputs are welcome.


The Vampire was next model victim to get an overhaul.


Depends on what you’re going for, fidelity or quality. For the helmed horror and… uh… can’t remember the other one… I use two different models ported from gothic 3, which look like empty, animated armors. They have a higher poly count and tex res. You could even plant some red emitters here and there so they look more like the traditional creature of D&D, though modern iterations look like animated armors. As for the vampire, I think… Neverwinter Nights Enhanced had several new models that only Sinfar uses nowadays. They’re reworked from sixesthrice’s undead redux, I believe.

Yeah Jedijax your right about the Helm Horrors. I did a lot of research and almost all I found was that the Helm Horrors and Battle Horrors look like animated armor with energy holding them together, so with that being said the first draft will not make the cut for the pak.

I worked on those undead with Pstemarie as we where the NWN Enhanced team this vampire only will ovverride the normal male vampire.I intend to use other models for the warroir, priest and thief entries and alter the UTC’s with new entries in the appearance 2DA.

Thanks for the info.

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Any plans to override playable races?


  1. I think you should always show old vs new so people can compare the upgrade.

  2. EE has come a long way, don’t be shy on stepping up the quality/polycount of the override. As always, common sense dictates that the rarer the creature, higher poly you can go and vice versa…
    but you already know that .

Can’t wait to see what you come up with …

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It’s Funny you should mention that Toro. I am trying a little experiment not sure if I will be able to use it in the end. My skinmesh skills are almost nill but if I can get someone to teach me or help me out with skinning it might be worth it.

The first is a possible skin for the Intellect devouer with a newer texture.

The second is the same skin with the standard texture.

The third is the standard Bioware creature with the standard texture.

I need input, so tell which one you like and why, or if there is still room for improvement in the skin or the texture.

Aztec2012 I do not have any plans at this time to override the dynamic races.

Cervantes, I dont know which program you’re using for skinning but @BlackRider made an excellent tutorial for Blender regarding skinning. I use max myself, but regardless the process is very similar. I highly suggest giving it a looksee. Someone once told me it’s easy to get overwhelmed with skinning but fundamentally, all you’re doing is attaching one object to another. (in this case, the mesh to the bone). Hope it helps. Carry on Sir…