Bishop Missing during Suken Flagon fight

I’ve done a complete uninstall and deleted all associated folders. The only thing I will keep is the save files, starting with one around Fort Locke. I’ll post here later whether I run into the issues with Bishop again or not.


Cool. Hope all goes well.

After doing a complete uninstall and deleting all associated folders I was able to make it all the way through the OC with only minor bugs. Qaara and Sand were both messed up in the same ways: They would not cast spells on their own, no matter what troubleshooting I attempted, but I could control them and cast spells; If they were not in my party they would be hostile NPC’s in the Sunken Flagon and Crossroad Keep, not that I could kill them but still: they would not run with the party. They would just run in place (Often facing diagonally from the direction we were going) and jump around the map every few seconds (Jumping to where they would be if they had run with the party, not to just any random spot). Other than that, several automatically starting conversations with Ammon Jerro and Aldanon would prematurely cancel, even when I hadn’t selected which text option to pick. This didn’t break the game like the one from the Sunken Flagon did though as I was just able to talk to them again and move on.

I don’t really know why I am posting this here, I guess I just want to conclude two points: Uninstalling, deleting all associated files, and reinstalling allowed me to play through the game without the original problem, and for whatever reason this version of the game (either the fact that it came from GoG (Who has delivered other non-buggy games) or because it is fully updated) is buggy as hell. I’ve had bugs from non-updated CD-Rom versions of the game, but not nearly this many.

Thanks for all the help you guys provided me. Wish me good luck in MotB and SoZ.

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MotB Makeover SoZ edition is available.

Great to see you finished!

I suggest installing nwn2 fixes. Just plop it into your override.

I play with full party damage. One time Qara did a TPK. That’s when I realized I forgot to change her spell casting behavior to “Scaled”.