"black" placeable to mask tiles

What I am looking for is included in the NWN2 toolset but not in the NWN1 and I havent found it so far anywhere in the vaults haks.

For my WIP module I need to create 1x1/1x2/1x3 interior areas that have a standard door opening but most of the tilesets I want to use only have the door option with an additional adjecant 1x1 tile. so I need a tile-high 1x1 black placeable to “mask” that appendix room.

Any clues which of the many haks on the vault might include something like this?

CEP has a couple of those. From memory they are a little bigger than you need but will work with careful placement. There are also invisible walls to prevent walking into the blackout.

Thanks for the hint, unfortunately I am glued to Project Q so CEP won’t work for me. I’ve never done it, but maybe I’ll try to extract one of those placeables from CEP.

This looks like what you’re looking for:


They are small but something I can work with, thanks!

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