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Just checking my picture

How the fk do I get my downloaded pic to be my avatar instead of this generic alphabetic crap?
My account shows my picture is there… seriously WTF?

On neverwintervault.org, My Account > Edit > Upload Picture.

Owing to a long-standing bug, you have to do this every time you sign in, so ticking the Remember Me box is recommended.

In my experience, it doesn’t work on Android.

Not necessarily. I think it must depend on the theme that you use. I use the light theme and my avatar stays without having to have the remember me box ticked.

@Decedion Have you read through this pinned thread all about how to use these forums?


I don’t see a “light” theme. I’m using Garland. We were told that the bug was introduced by Drupal - good to hear that some are unaffected, of course, but we could use a fix for everyone.

I was talking about these forums as the op mentioned

AFAIK, the drupal issue doesn’t affect the forums.


I’m an idiot…I meant avatar and I said pictures. Thanks to Tarot’s tour I figured it out. Many thanks for the help!

Don’t forget to bookmark that thread so you can find it again if (when) you need to remind yourself of something. Glad to see you got it figured out.