Blender Add-on for Neverwinter Nights 2

Official thread of the Blender Add-on for Neverwinter Nights 2.

Create 3D models and animations for Neverwinter Nights 2 with Blender.



Looks great. Any tool advantages/missing|planned features/history to share?

A great tool

You can import one mdb or multiples MDB files (great to compare various objects)
You can export to MDB or FBX format
You can import, modify and export animations

A must have if you want to create new models, or simply explore the game content.


Long time no see @krighaur ! Glad to see you post here again! :grinning:

Thank you, I am still here. I have finished my transition from 3DS to Blender (and it’s not easy to learn at my advanced age lol) and still do some models for pleasure, thanks to Freshlook tool.


I’m still working on it… Good job!

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It probably took about half a year before I was fully comfortable with Blender, then another couple of months to transition to the new interface. It’s definitely not something many people pick up overnight, particularly at my age. I’m still acquiring new tricks now and again. I’ve yet to do much with animating creatures.


I hear that, I still haven’t taken the plunge. As it is now I mainly use blender as a tool for format conversion. The UI is just so alien after almost 20 years using Max (started on gMax). I know I should make the switch, Blender is better supported for most of the games I love modding and it’s also free which is a huge plus. On top of that you can sculpt in app rather than have to export to a 3rd party sculpting app and reimport etc.

That UI though…

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Blender went through a big interface update that was supposed to make it more like 3DS and other 3D editing tools. I had to relearn a lot of techniques.

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Yeah, I have 3.4, it’s an improvement but still feels very alien coming from Max and Maya for so many years. I can use it but my workflow slows down drastically because none of my muscle memory works, I need to think about every little thing or I end up staring at the screen wondering what I was doing :rofl:

I have released version 0.16.


  • The import option Automatic Bone Orientation has been removed. GR2 skeletons are now imported by default with properly oriented bones, and exported animations will be compatible with the original skeletons.
  • When importing a GR2 animation, skeletons referenced by the animation are autoimported.
  • Fixed bug when exporting in a path that contains non-ASCII characters.