Blender Internal renderer will be removed from 2.8

It seems that making CC with Blender will require sticking to older, 2.79 version, without updating to and enjoying 2.8.
While I can understand the reasons for this decision, I’m not happy with it. BI, even if less realistic, is definitely faster and can be used on slower computer.

Usually, I use Cycles for some hi-res model details, then bake and use textures for low poly in BI. I’m not sure, if plugin like Neverblender is possible for Cycles

You might want to check this sad news here:BI removed from 2.8

Yes it seems like really bad news. But it depends on how well Eevee works.

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I’ll try to update neverblender to work with Eevee and keep two versions for 2.79 and 2.8 around and updated. I used an alpha build of blender 2.8 to adjust neverblender and it worked fairly well. So far the necessary changes aren’t too big, most changes were because scenes work differently. However, it was only an alpha build and a couple of features were still missing, therefore I had to deactivate a couple of things in neverblender too. But I’m fairly confident I can make the move to Eevee.

I’m not sure how well Cycles would work. I boils down on how accessible material nodes are from a script. I haven’t looked at scripting for Cycles at all.


i can’t really follow your argument here. you’re using cycles to bake normal maps and those generated textures for your mesh in blender internal. what is it you’re using the internal renderer for? presentation of your model?
if cycles is feature complete and bakes every texture (color, tangent normal, ao, cavitiy, gloss, etc.) one needs to create custom content in (non)pbr workflow, and afaik it is, then i don’t see the point of bi anymore. it served blender well over the years and it’s time to remove legacy code to simplify the code base. it costs time (and money) to maintain and support this “old stuff”, which hinders blender’s future development.

in the end, as you said it yourself, one can always keep 2.79 to work with. it’s even possible to have both versions installed. that’s the beauty of open source. there’s no one there shoving the new version down your throat.

@Semper , to answer your question “what is it you’re using the blender internal renderer for” - I use it because Neverblender doesn’t work with Cycles materials, (at least not yet - see @Symmetric’s post above), it works only with BI. Hope this clarifies things for you

The compatibility dilemma is present not only in Blender - it hinders NWN EE development too - let’s face it - TGA files aren’t the best choice for any game engine.

BTW: by the tone of your post, I see you completely misunderstood my intentions - I’m not complaining for complaining sake - just alerting people, that some changes are coming and search for solution is needed. And yes, I was anxious, if the easy way (Neverblender for 2.8) was possible. I’m not a fan of juggling between two versions of this same program in one OS.

Thanks, that would be great

thanks for clarifying. i am not working with neverblender, but can see that you’re problem is now. fortunately symmetric is already on the task.