Blogs - Why weren't we told about these

I have just discovered that the vault hosts a discourse based blogging system. Compare this to what I’ve had to put up with. Why haven’t the other blogs been trumpeted? I wouldn’t have had to make a new thread on these boards to illustrate the blog on hidden gimp if I’d had access to these.

Definitely feeling somewhat miffed.


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(Not super-important to your point, but it’s also Confluence, not Discourse. Maybe a little relevant in that that helps highlight that its purpose is documentation and happens to support blogs once you have your own space, and was not specifically made for that purpose! Might get more love, in the future.)

Are we required to register new users for these Confluence spaces, or have I simply remembered the wrong combination of username and password for the NWVault (got the “Sorry, your username and/or password are incorrect.” when I tried to log in just now) ? :wink:

@fkirenicus I just went to sign up for it and as far as I am concerned there is one field too many. It wants my real name! Sorry but no. I am paranoid enough about security that I will not give it that thank you. Not just for access to a blog.



OK, perhaps some of the mods/admins here can tell us why they need such info?

First you whine that you weren’t told about it although it was announced, then you complain about signing up for it… just put “Tarot Redhand” in the full name field. Sheesh, it’s not that hard…


On its own it wasn’t. The announcement was buried inside a thread whose title said nothing about blogs.

Maybe but it’s dishonest and not something I will do.


Confluence asks for your real name because that’s not configurable. As a wiki, it’s actually targeted at enterprise customers, but it’s still a great wiki for everyone else too. Anyways: I can’t change it without hacking the template for every release. So just put your nickname in.

I’ve not advertised the platform for blogging much because I didn’t know if people want to take it up. You are free to try it out and create blog posts there though! @Symphony can help you getting started, he knows it inside out.


Great, thanks niv. We use Confluence at work so I suspected this might be the case. Great to hear we can use nicknames anyway. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the news. When I look at Symphony’s blog, I am very interested by the possibilities this blog part offers

I’ve hacked in some javascript in a way that I won’t have to touch every release. It should now read “Nickname” instead of “Fullname”!


Thanks, but you’re too late. I’m just trying to figure out how to go about using it.


OK, published here. Layout could be better. Ran out of time unfortunately (RL).

Had a little problem with permissions. Now Sorted.


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I have written many tutos about creating custom content for NWN 2, some of them are already published at my own blog (not the blog from this site), some other are in my hard drive, and some are not finished.

In the link below you can have an idea of what I published :

I wish to publish them on this site, including the part I never published, and the new part I am writing. Which is the better method ?

Do I create my own page here, or do we have a common page which gather all the information related to creating content ?

An a last thing, I am French, and in spite I can write and read english, a natural english speaker could easily improve my writings. So if an english speaker, who knows a bit about french (not only that we have beret on our heads and bread under our arm :sunglasses: ) could help me, I would greatly appreciate.

Even though I’m a dyed in the wool NwN player I have been impressed with your recent work. Took a look at your blog. Even though it is all in French, I was able to work out a good portion of what you had written (I only speak those French words incorporated into English). Well laid out and illustrated.

As to publishing on here. You actually have 4 choices. You can -

  1. Use the same blog system as @Symphony.
  2. Use the Blogs that are access via MyAccount in the menu at the top of the vault’s home page. (click MyAccount, click “View recent blog entries” and follow instructions)
  3. Create one or more Articles (to see previous articles press Articles in the top of page menu on the main vault pages)
  4. Create a small ebook of your tutorial and upload it as a project.

Each of these has advantages and disadvantages.

  • Option 1 can look gorgeous but I would suggest contacting @Symphony to find out how to go about it. I didn’t, just muddled through which is why it took as long as it did. Actually it might be a good idea if we could prevail on @Symphony to create a tutorial.
  • Option 2. These are simple to set up and use being based on the old forums. They allow comments. In my opinion these are probably better suited to small blog posts than large ones and if you include large pictures they have a tendency to impact on the vault’s home page.
  • Option 3. These mostly use the same technology as option 2 with the added ability to include files for download. These are suited to larger posts than 2. The main disadvantages are that it is harder to create good looking content than option 1 and not many people realise they are there to be honest.
  • Option 4. This gives you a certain amount of freedom in how you construct your content and anyone who wants to read it again and again or have it for reference only needs to visit the download page once. You also get to know how many times it’s been downloaded. The downside is that the size of the pages limits the size on screen of what you can post and can lead to holes at the bottom of the page due to image sizes.



Hello @krighaur!

I looked over your blogs and they look really great!

I added permission to Confluence accounts on the page to create their own “Space”.

The confluence page is divided into different “Spaces”, which kind of work like domains. Each one is it’s own wiki, kind of. Admins can create new spaces, like the existing NWN and NWN2 spaces, but individual accounts do not come with a “personal” space by default.

Once you create your account, you’ll see an option to create your own space in the menu under your account picture in the top right corner.

Once you have your own space, you can create pages in it using the blog template.

After looking at your blogs, I would love if you used the section split feature I used in my blog to display pictures to one side or the other to have English and French translations in two separate side-by-side columns.

If you’d like, I can read over your English sections, look at the original French material (and the pictures!) and see if I can clean it up to something that is comprehensive and clean. Since I’ve been made an admin, I should be able to edit your original post.

I took a little bit of French in High School, but it would be easiest if you started with your own best translation for me build off of.

Let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to send me a private message any time, or find me in the Vault Discord channel.

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Thanks TR and Symphony.

I will organize the page like you suggest Symphony. That’s something I was not able to do with my blog at wordpress. Having pictures and text separated is more readable, and having english and french separated allows to post in one language and translate a bit later.

It will be cool if you can look at my translations, because sometimes when I am explaining a complex idea, I have not enough english words.

I have not yet begun to use this because I am very busy with my heads and hairs pack.

I have a question though : what is the visibility of this blog ? It don’t appear in the main page.

At present you have to advertise it yourself like I have with this thread. I also advertise mine on the BD forums as it is targeted at NwN1 and mainly either cc, EE or both.


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