Body Parts Look Like Mirror

I’m sure people have experienced this, but I don’t know if anyone has been able to fix it. Some times when I load the game and start playing, random body parts in characters (PC and NPC) may not load a texture, and they just look like made out of metal. While it has happened over the years and several different systems, I was wondering if it’s something we can actually avoid or just another unsolved bug in the game. I have 64 gigs in RAM and an RTX 3090, so I don’t think it is a memory issue on my end. Hope anyone can shed some light!

If the body parts are randomly picked and it happens on different systems, then it has nothing to do with your current machine. Maybe it’s something you carry over all the time, such as a 3rd party gui improvement.

Btw. The amount of memory doesn’t matter. If I’m correct, then 32bit software can only address 2 gig at max. So you might run out of memory even if there is a lot free.

Yeah, I didn’t think it was system-side, I just wondered if anyone had found a fix for it. I thought the EE had been made 64bit. Maybe using a 4gig enabler may do the trick, though I used it in regular Diamond Edition .exe and I don’t remember it making a difference.

Seems to happen occasionally, on multiple machines, with no 3rd party content other than the module hak.

There is some kind of pattern:

  • a few custom body parts are more susceptible than other custom or official ones
  • certain custom tilesets seem to make the problem slightly worse
  • Recomputing static lighting appears to make it more likely

but it can happen anywhere, to any body part, EE or 1.69, it seems.

This. I’ve noticed it happens more when there are lots of NPCs in an area (yet another reason I purge ambiance commoners and creatures from modules). The only way to fix it after the fact seems to enter another, smaller area, with no NPCs around, and unequip/equip the armor. I hadn’t noticed it happens to specific parts, though, and it is true. I believe it usually happens to Xaltar’s male parts and Ragnarok4’s muscled torso on my end, though the “nude” pelvis is the original content one and it also happens to it.

Right, I’m a bit too bound to diamond … Of course the EE is 64 bit.

I think disabling “Environment mapping on Creatures” may fix this.

I’ve had the same issue over the years too. I found that I would just change clothing it fixes it. And like mentioned above…go into a new area, unequip clothing and re-equip it. Or just save character log off then log back in. Sucks…but it fixes it.

No, unfortunately it doesn’t. You can disable and re-enable and it won’t go away.