Book looks like a pouch!

Very small issue here but a vexing one for me.

I want to place a book on the ground. I have gone to

Paint items and selected one of the existing books (Helm’s Hold").
Chosen Edit copy
Opened the properties . . .
and it appears as a pouch.

So, I go to appearances, select one of the books there . . .
and it appears as a pouch.

So, I try to change the Blueprint RESREF to that of one of the books pictured . .
and it appears as a pouch.

Its not vital, I know, but I’ve spent a fair whack of the afternoon trying to figure this out without having to come here for an answer . . .
but its still a pouch.

the ‘small bag’ model is the default viewable for many base items in the game – all of those that don’t have custom models, to be precise. many of us share your vexation ! so much so that there are at least 2 dev groups that i’m aware of that have done something about it : the community expansion pack and project q. the easiest solution to your problem would be to use one of them in your module. once you’ve done this, placing a book item directly into an area in your mod will have it appear as… a book !

a more custom, but also more difficult approach, would be to export the book models and baseitems.2da using zoligato’s nwn explorer, edit and add them to your own hak[s].

good luck!

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Thanks, xorbaxian.

I’m just glad it wasn’t me. That seems a real oversight. Your suggestion is an eminently sensible one. It’s just that I’m playing the game on a Mac using Wine to access the toolkit, having bought the game through Steam. Downloading these packs at the moment and having to find the right places for all the files is something I intend to do but just not now til I’ve at least learned the game.

something that might interest you.
take a look at this. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this, @xorbaxian.

Will have a look now.