"Bookmarking" Projects?

Good afternoon,

I was wondering if there was any way to ‘bookmark’ a project or an item on the Vault, be it module, script, etc. and then view a list of the items/pages/projects that you had bookmarked in one location/on one page?

If not, is there a ‘work around’ way to effectively do this, or is this a functionality that others would find useful/worth suggesting?

Thank you.

I don’t think there is a built-in way but you could always use the favourites/bookmark facility of your browser to create a favourite/bookmark and store in a dedicated browser folder.



Or just copy/paste the urls into a text file. And you can put in a note there too about what it is and why you liked it…

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This is my method. Firefox (and I assume the other browser providers) will sync them across machines if you have a Firefox account that you log into.

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This is more my fault; I have bookmarks in my browser from 2014 - 2021 with vault stuff and absolutely no context that I have to go through and clean up. This is on top of a personal forum of broken down models, haks, and modules I want to try out. I’ll get these in order if there’s no in-site way of doing that…which is probably for the best honestly since I plum forgot my other login here and would’ve lost all of my bookmarks had it existed.

There are various lists on the vault, some with updated links like this work-in-progress

The NWN Installer Tool’s Mod list is effectively a bookmarked list of mods you have downloaded or created. The Tool’s Mod Explorer allows you to filter the list by ratings and a number of other criteria. The Project page has some images that show you what I mean.

Apologies for the self promotion.

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