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The purpose of this thread is to provide links to things to make module building easier and/or add flavour to a module with little or no additional scripting. It is based on a thread I had on the old BSN forums, but the old links have been replaced with ones that now point to locations on this site. Feel free to add suggestions of your own as long as they are not for custom content (e.g. models, tilesets etc.). The majority of the stuff in this thread are either for prefab items or script systems. If you have a script system you would like included please try to ensure that they involve little or no additional scripting in order to make use if them.

In order to enable easy maintenance of these lists I use 2 additional posts for the actual lists.




Fed up with the default Bioware books? The first link zaps the Bioware books. Then you may want to consider trying one or more of the book collections mentioned here.

Bioware Books Be Gone - remove Bioware books without touching a script by OldManWhistler

Baldur’s Gate Books by Bioware
Dragon Books by Revenant
Faerun Book Collection by Birdman076 (Original Work by Soul Filcher)
Urk’s Greyhawk Library by Too many to list.
Necromantic Lore by Steve Kurtz
CTP Jerl Silvershield Adventure Books by West Sea Guild

Finally (for now) You will find a number of book prefabs in the April 2015 ccc - Book Collection (prefab items)



Plug and Play (pre-scripted items that require no additional scripting or haks)

1600+ Module Items by Sharon Tipton (fixed by Shadooow)
AllTalk by Tarot Redhand
Fun Doors by Tarot Redhand
Axe Murderer’s Killer Secret Objects v1.0 by Axe Murderer
Killer Anti-Magic Zones v1.0 by Axe Murderer
Killer Town Crier v1.0 by Axe Murderer
Level Me NPC v1.0 by Axe Murderer
Port Me NPC v1.1 by Axe Murderer
Spell-Me NPC v1.0 by Axe Murderer
Killer Walk Waypoints v2.1 by Axe Murderer
Many Shapes v1.0 by Axe Murderer
TOD Encounter Triggers v1.0 by Axe Murderer
BOG Fully Flexible Teleport System by Baron of Gateford
Lamp Patrol by bgog
Interactive Ballista by Roy Boscowan
Chess Simulation - PC versus NPC by Chimneyfish
Storage Manager by dickloraine
CS Resting by Craig Smith (galap)
(P&SC) Pentagrams & Summoning Circles v1.45 : real-time 3D geometry by gaoneng
Dynamic Tag-Based Level, Race, and class Restricted Doors and Triggers by Invizible420
Soul Mirror by Joachim the DM
Ke’haar Stones V1.2 by Lilac Soul
Mask’s Tag Based Treats by Mask
Switch-Based Secret Doors Suite (v1.21) by Mentalepsy
The Invisible Listener v2.0 by nereng
The Digital Elevator by nereng
No Scripting Quest System beta07 by nereng
The Namer Apprentice by nereng
Neshke Narovken Extendable Spawn System 8.1.3 by Neshke Narovken
Talking Tome by Quillmaster
Underdark Hazards by ruelk
Scarface’s Socketed Items v2.5 by Scarface
Multiple lock by ShaDoOoW
Modified Portable Encampment by ShaDoOoW
Weak Unequip Trap Set by The Great Slayer of Gelatinous Cubes
Omnidye by The Krit
Shrine of Ptah by TheEngine
TOJ’s Trap Package 0.8 by TOJ
Uze’s Respawning Crypt Placable Pack by Uze
Altar To Any God by Windhawk
Spot & Listen Triggers by Windhawk
Sunjammer’s TileMagic System by Sunjammer



I have plans to add spellbooks as loot that when used will be destroyed and generate random scrolls in the users inventory. The levels and amounts of the scrolls would be based on a tiered loot system and would never have more than 100 total spell levels (the cap in D&D. A spellbook only has 100 pages and a spell takes up a page per spell level. High level casters need multiple ones.)

I also know a book exists in real life titled “Steal this book” which is definitely going to be the name of some kind of holy book of the god of thieves or chaos or whatever.

More than anything though I would add a general suggestion of writing books that reflect that setting for which you’re building; a book about the wall of the faithless is pointless outside of FR, for example.

Nice thread idea, thanks TR
here’s another prefab: by bb
Almost portable merchant, with some surprising twists,

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Changed the link to “1600+ Module Items by Sharon Tipton” so it now points to the fixed by Shadooow version.


Added Sunjammer’s TileMagic System by Sunjammer.