Bounty hunter not turning hostile

Okay since Wall3t suggested it I decided to install the I find it an amazing system though I wonder if anyone else is having the problem that the bounty hunters are not turning hostile when summoned?

there’s lots of bugs to the system, although i can’t say i ever had them neutral. if you’re playing the demo they should automatically turn hostile to you, otherwise id do a run down check list starting the npcs faction to checking the bounty hunters scripts to make sure they attack you, etc.

yeah, the demo it was all fine. just when I imported it from the dmo to the mod (since there is no erf of the system as far as I know) I found nothing so far though…

might want to check the npc bounty hunters scripts as well as there faction, to make sure they are hostile. if all else fails just come up with one on your own. I use a script generator for the basic stuff.

I actually managed to get it to work. apparently it was just bugged and it needed another build XD

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