Brelaina's initial reaction

When you first go to see Brelaina, she reacts to you either positively or negatively depending on certain things you did or didn’t do during the first few docks missions. Does anyone know the exact conditions for getting her to act one way or another (either praising the PC or complaining about how forceful he/she was)?

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Just sticking some notes here until this can be looked at…


// 10a_brel_state
	Captain Brelaina Dialog State settings.
	On this Breal state, this dialogue appears 
	0   = Intro, Gets Hollows Quest
	10  = You Haven't spoken with Veedle?
	20  = Yoo've Spoken with Veedle. Take Smuggler.
	30  = You haven't done Smuggling?
	40  = You did Smuggling. Have Warehouse
	50  = You havn't done Warehouse?
	60  = You finished WH, What about the Hollows? Well, take Informant
	70  = You havn't done Informant?
	80  = You Finished Informant, but not hollows. Take OOW
	90  = You finished Informant and hollows. Take OOW
	100 = You havn't finished OOW?
	110 = You finished OOW. Have Ghost.
	120 = You havn't finished Ghost?
	130 = You burned down the Ghost. Have Gith lair.
	140 = You did Ghost cleanly. Have Gith lair.
	150 = You haven't done Gith Lair?
	160 = You finished Gith. Cutscene, and get Pass.
	170 = Has Blacklake Pass (Is done)

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The short answer is the PC must:

Not be a Shadow Thief  //gc_global_int("gbWatch"."<1")
Not have spoken to Veedle, yet  //10c_brelaina_ck(0) (the variable initialized, really)
Had a violent sweep of the docks  //10_ds_check(2) (10_cw_sweep_extras >=3)
PC is not half-orc, outsider, duergar, drow, svirfneblin //gc_check_race_pc("6"), 8, 19, 24, 20

Conversation 10_Brelaina
Of the 13 root nodes, the 4th node appears to be the negative response:

“|Things went poorly at the Docks|{Evaluating Player as they walk in, she is in office with Cormick, like a boss giving a restrained, slightly critical evaluation}So… Cormick tells me you are largely responsible for clearing the Docks of undesirables - in an uncompromising fashion.”

Brelaina becomes more critical of the PC as this node continues, finally saying:

“Despite your foul approach to the situation at the Docks, I think your promotion will send a strong message to the lower… and upper quarters of the city.”

Needless Information:
To reach node 4, the PC must fall through the first 3 nodes by not satisfying the following conditions:

Node 1:
  PC is a Shadow Thief  //gc_global_int("gbWatch"."<1")

Node 2:
  Veedle not spoken to, yet  //10c_brelaina_ck(0) (the variable initialized, really)
  Had a peaceful sweep of the docks  //10_ds_check(1) (10_cw_sweep_extras <=2)
  PC is half-orc, outsider, duergar, drow, svirfneblin //gc_check_race_pc("6"), 8, 19, 24, 20

Node 3:
  Veedle not spoken to, yet  //10c_brelaina_ck(0) (the variable initialized, really)
  PC had a peaceful  sweep of the docks  //10_ds_check(1) (10_cw_sweep_extras <=2)

Then, fit Node 4 by satisfying the following condition:

 Veedle not spoken to, yet  //10c_brelaina_ck(0) (the variable initialized, really)

A violent sweep of the docks is implied, thus the following is occurring but not listed as a condition:

10_ds_check(2) (10_cw_sweep_extras >=3)

10_cw_sweep_extras is resolved in 10a_cw_extra and ranges from -7 to +7. -1 = Peaceful. +1 = Violent.

I ran out of time to find where 10_cw_sweep_extras is tallied.

I appreciate any corrections.


I guess what I mean is, what things that you do in the first few docks missions affect how Brelaina responds when you first see her? How many fights, for example, can you get into before she gives the critical response? Do any dialogue choices on the Hagen and patrol missions influence it? I usually try to avoid drawing the watch turncoats into fights, but I’ve noticed that even doing that, if I fight the thugs trying to extort the gnome merchant before meeting Brelaina, it makes her critical. But when I hold off on doing that until afterward, I get the better greeting.

No guide that I’ve ever seen has really explained it, probably because it doesn’t change the game much, but it’s still nice to know how it works for RP purposes imo.


Violence seems to be the key (or Peaceful. Half full/half empty I guess). I saw a script for keeping track of thug kills, the script writers meant for Shadow Thieves, but noted the script could be used for the City Watch sweeps.

I’d say completing a sweep of the docks while killing less than 2/3 of the time is peaceful.

10_cw_sweep_extras range is -7 to +7, which is 15 results. A violent sweep is >=3, which is 5 of the results.

I’ll look later.

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Ok, that makes sense. What about the Hagen mission? Does that have any influence over her reaction? Or is it just the sweep of the docks?

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Regarding Hagen, looking quickly, I see a lot of alignment changes. I don’t see peaceful/violent changes.

Hopefully, someone can find where the following are tracked:

I know where 10a_cw_sweep_extras is resolved.

I know where the following is tracked:

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