Bridges: What am I missing SOLVED (kinda)

Okay ya’ll,
I’ve hit another snag , I’m sure I am missing something completely obvious but,

I’ve been following this guide:

And well placing a bridge over a ravine should be pretty strait forward, but…

Either I place it over the ravine and when I get on the part of the bridge that crosses it, I get blocked by the walkmesh below it , or if I try to paint the bridge surface walkable ( having already selected “true” for walkable) it paints the area below the bridge walkable and I fall through the bridge…

what am I missing here???

Also is there a Discord because you guys are going to get sick of my questions if not lol.

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Here are the links to the Discord channels:

As I only use prefabs for my modules, I can’t answer this particular question. I have placed a bridge from time to time in areas though, and as far as I can remember you shouldn’t need to paint the bridge as walkable, or do anything specific but just place the bridge (but I could certainly be wrong here). Try and paint the area below the bridge as non-walkable. Maybe that will solve things for you.

sometimes a carefully placed walkmesh helper is needed to smooth the joins

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Would you mind recording the process you used to achieve that?

and listing any downloads I’d need to achieve it?

When you paint below the bridge non walkable , as you try to cross the bridge you stop and cant cross it where you painted under it ^^

what is a prefab and how can I use it to achieve a functional bridge? these are premade sets in the toolset list correct?

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Walkmesh helpers are in the MISC placeables. They look like invisible squares, but you can resize them. If they are positioned at about the same height as the surrounding walkmesh, a bake will merge it into the surrounding mesh. You may have to fiddle a bit with the positioning of the helper and then rebake to get the walk mesh you want.


In my post I was referring to prefab areas. There are quite a lot of those on the vault. But there are prefabs for other stuff too, like placeables for instance.

Try the walkmesh helpers that rjshae and kevL_s mentioned. I don’t think you should have to use that though. It may be as simple a problem as that you haven’t baked the area. Always, when you edit stuff in an area, bake it afterwards, otherwise it will be buggy.

You shouldn’t need any downloads or plugins to make a bridge work. It should be as simple as following the steps in the guide, which you have already done. But try with baking first. If it still doesn’t work, try the walkmesh helpers and then bake.

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I really appreciate your help gents ^^

I could not find “walkmesh helpers” anywhere in the toolset placeables (even using the search functions)… so I’ll try and figure that out later.

Andgalf, I am baking the area before I run it. Should I bake the whole module instead?

I am REALLy baffled here, I know everyone seems to think this is like 1 2 3 4 but I have found NUMEROUS forums online where MANY people have trouble with bridges.

And as yet, not one has writting a comprehensive step by step guide on how to achieve it. Nor a quick video of the process being done (which would be super easy to do).

I gotta say I feel kinds stupid , lol…every one is just like “hey bridges , pssshh no prob” and I am all ERP DERP DERP.

Here is my process :
-I follow the guide posted above
-use flatten tool to make to equal height cliffs.
-Use a placeable bridge to fill the gap, adjust the height and position.
-Edit the placeable bridge to “walkable: TRUE”
-Height lock the bridge: TRUE
-Bake the area .
-Run the module.

Now after this process the bridge IS Walkable, up to the point where the cliff edge is (where the walkmesh turns yellow under it) And the avatar bonks into it as if it is a solid invisible wall…

Okay so…

-Next opoen module edit
-Use WALK terrain paint
-Paint top of Bridge “walkable”
-Bake Area
-Run module

After this the Avatar can walk on the bridge up to the point where the cliff is…And promptly falls through the bridge lol…

what am i missing here?

Try this, make the edges of the bridge overlap the cliff then have the first bits ( overlaps ) of the bridge with walkable areas underneath ( you can go a couple of squares ). Make sure the terrain is matched up in height to the bridge so it’s a smooth entrance. Have all the bits under the bridge set as unwalkable apart from the overlaps and hit bake.

After baking when you look at it with the surface mesh and baked buttons pressed it should have green lines right across it so there’s no need to keep testing in the module.

You might have a dodgy bridge, try it with the ones in the toolset if it’s a custom one. You can mess about with the scale to make it fit and line up with the lines on the surface mesh, if you want, so lining up the walkable/ unwalkable areas is easier.

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Okay I’ll give that a shot, maybe it’s that bridge or I need more overlap to get it JUUUUSstttt right…

I haven’t added any custom content because …I can’t figure it out…
I’m on the “spectrum” so “general guides” are kinda hard for me. I kinda need more…


or video example work well…basically I need “specific” instruction on the task I’m doing not “general overviews” …once I see or do it once as an example I can learn MUCH faster than normal ppl really
…I do have to see it, or do it once though. I can’t really “conceptualize” it from long paragraphs of words.

sorry for being so DERPY.

I just looked at a bridge I did and it’s set to static and not walkable but it works, maybe that’s the secret. Come to think of it I don’t remember ever making a placeable walkable I just put them in line them up and cross my fingers !

As for custom content I put it all in my override, then before making a finished module I turn whatever I used it into a hak which you then have to associate with the module in the module properties.

You just fill in the name of your new hak in the section that says hak. Click the view button and you’ll see module properties, then click properties and you’ll see what I mean.

I see that Tsongo is already helping you, but anyway…

I am the wrong person to ask about this, but I tried to download a prefab area with some cliffs and tried adding a bridge. At first it didn’t work for me either. Then I meticulously changed the height of the cliffs to match the bridge by using “Smooth” with the Terrain tools. What I noticed is that the bridge should not be set to walkable for it to work. It should be set to static. I had my area under the bridge walkable. I baked and then it worked.

Edit: To make a video that’s step by step educative is not that easy to just do. But maybe I can try…

Looks like we’re on the same page here andgalf. I’ve set docks as environment areas before and made the underneath right under them which works pretty well apart from the odd foot disappearing every now and then if it’s not flat !

So DDONT make it walkable lol I’ll try that.

You don’t have to “teach it”

Just make a video of you Doing it…

like just as you would normally do things

I can learn SUPER fast that way…no need for instruction or explanation…just do what you do and I’ll watch

also note…

All I am doing to make my “CLIFF” is to use the flatten tool at -10

so the ground is the same level

I’ve tried both methods, placing the bridge BEFORE using then flatten under it…

And flattening first then placing abridge and adjusting to the height (even did a trench and a bunch of different types of bridges at different heights above and below my “trench”)


[Bridges should be set as: {Static=TRUE} , {Walkable=FALSE}]

thank you Tsongo & andgalf!!

boy do I fee like a moron…I just ASSUMED “walkable meant…you know…”“walkable!”"

Ah, typical. I just finished my video. :expressionless: :frowning_face:

First I it took me 5 min to do everything, saved the video, the screencapturing program I use, crashed, so I did it all over again. This time it took 9 min to get the bridge to work. It seems like NWN2 is very particular with how long the bridge is and exactly where it meets the ground on either side. Oh well…

You might post it!

I sure the internet at large would thank you!

Most “guides” / tutorials for Nwn2 toolset are either 5 hours long or 9 years old…

I’d be happy to contribute to a “new modern 2020 update of old stuff”

that actually makes sense for noobs like me.

The video was extremely crude with me just making lots of mistakes, not being particularly educational at all, so no, I don’t think I will embarass myself posting something like that.

Edit: I think people will understand what to do with making a bridge just reading this thread. It is just doing a bunch of trial and error and making sure the length of the bridge is right, that the path on either side is walkable, that the bridge is set to “Static”, which is default anyway, and then just go by the guide you posted here. There’s really nothing else to it, I think.

And I am very very greatful to you guys for helpping me out…
i wish I could tellyou the LONG 5 days story it took just to me figure out how to get this older game to go on my machine lol!!

I am so very excited to have an outlet to get the dreams in my head OUT!

but I can’t draw or anything

So I am very excited to use these tools!

please know that you are Helpping someone who’s been through ALOT get a little therapy ^^

I cant work anymore, so this project will really help me have some direction, focus and purpose ^^

thank you guys so much!!!

PS : I think you are right,

though as fiddle as it is , I imagine that is why the “walkmesh helpper” addons were such a BIG hit. I just need to figure out how to get those going now .