Bridges: What am I missing SOLVED (kinda)

Glad to be of help then.

Yeah, working with the toolset can be very terapeutical, even though you go crazy and scream at the computer a lot too, out of frustration of this quite buggy game :smile: . To me it’s been mostly great fun to do modules, and I started just 3 years ago with this when I thought there were no games around that I liked anymore, and I realized, ok, I’ll have to make my own adventures. And it’s been a lot of fun! (even though I purchased NWN2 on launch day)-

Do you have the game on old DVD/CD disks? To install it that way is a nightmare and almost undoable in this day and age. You have to, in my opinion, by the game from GOG, then it’s just to install and run. At least that’s my experience. I have both the GOG version and my old disks.

You can find the walkmesh helper here:

walkmesh helper

I am in the same BOAT most the games these days are kinda …samy samy…

the content the community creates is usually 5 times better

I am playing on a nwn1 pw called The easting Reach , and WOW what the builders there did with the older toolset is spectacular, everything so much detail nd lovingly crafted.

My goal is to with a lot of time and practice get thaT GOOD SOME DAY.

OH wow look at that I DO have them…

are those the “cutters” ? or the other things?

If you’re talking about walkmesh cutters that’s a whole thing.

With that you cut out chunks in the area where you don’t want the characters to walk.

oh lawd,

maybe another day lol

Bullet points, walkmesh cutter…

1 When you put placeables in an area if they’re just decoration then you can move your mouse over them while clicked to select them all. You can also do this by holding shift and clicking each one.

2 Right click the mouse when they’re all high lighted.

3 Select change placeables to environment objects.

4 Now they’re useless and are not solid so wont affect the walkmesh which means you can run through them.

5 Go to triggers and select the walkmesh cutter then click roughly around each point where the environment objects are and it’ll make a blue outlined shape which automatically joins itself up as you go

6 Now when you bake the area nobody can run through them and it saves on memory etc and makes baking easier than having the computer work out all the placeables footprints.

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You have my eternal thanks!!

I’ll go try this out!

No problem I know what it’s like being clueless with the toolset, but it’s worth it when you get something done.

One thing if you haven’t already turn off autosave it can make it crash and wipe your stuff, go to view then options and you’ll see it. Just save often when you’re ready and do a save as with a different name so you can swap from one to the other as you save. Also the appearance wizard ( character properties, basics section ) can go wrong too so beware. It can be very annoying.

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Thanks for the advice it really helps.

I’ll be sure to save before using any wizards.


the “walkable” flag in a placeable’s properties means “can walk through it” NOT “can walk on it”

not sure how it might affect the “dynamic collision” flag tho…

I’m just sayin… it should be called “walkthrough-able”

just ya know…sayin


current issue:

hopefully this makes sense…it’s essentially a big invisible bridge using walk mesh helpers…

Problem is:
where the "walkmeshes are (shown in light green ) are not walkable, as if the colliosion is turned ON, but it isn’t ><

Can’t walk on the “walkmesh helper” just runs into an invisible wall…

I HAVE NOT edited anything in the walkmesh placeable properties but the size and position.

Hmmm, don’t know exactly how you did the invisible bridge but…

You can make an invisible bridge, I guess, by using the Collision Box under Blueprints/Placeables. That object is invisible. You can then resize that thing to your liking. You won’t see it however unless you go to the Collision menu and mark C2 Data. This way you won’t need walkmesh helpers, I believe.

I can honestly say that I have almost never used the walkmesh helper.

Edit: For some reason you don’t see the Static and Walkable stuff on the default Collision Box, but if you right click the collision box and do Copy Bluprint and then Module you will have your own copy of this where you can edit things freely.

the “invisible bridge” IS a walk mesh helper.

I am attempting to duplicate :

THIS work by @FaerzressSparkles on a larger scale.

You can’t duplicate this with Toolset, don’t even try. This was done as an experiment by @CromFr with manual editing of the area walkmesh.

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As far as I understand:

The toolset has a walkmesh trigger system that changes the walkmesh when a trigger is flipped ,correct?

If so , this seems to be only a matter of detailing the triggers and walkmeshes?

Regadless I am still at a step of trying to figure out how to get the walkmesh helper even walk ON able lol.

I wouldn’t be opposed to using a third program to manually edit the walkmeshes if that’s what’s required to achieve the result.

I am not married tot he idea of using ONLY the nwn2 toolset to achieve the ends.

After look at his work:
Looks like @CromFr [ [Thibaut CHARLES] , was working on the exact type of thing I am trying to achieve >

Getting there:

had to place a Bridge, bake it and then edit it’s appearance to be nothing…Oddly enough the Baked Mesh looks just like my walkmesh helper one, so it HAS to be some other setting on the “walkmeshhelper placeable” messing me up.

There’s no walkmesh trigger that I’m aware of. I don’t know of any way to dynamically change the walkmesh; it’s effectively frozen in stone. Possibly you can have two identical regions in sections of an area and teleport between then. But then both would show up on the area map.

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Ah I misunderstood, my mistake…

A walkmesh “trigger” doesn’t actually trigger anything. It simply allows / disallows the current walkmesh which is completely static,

Though your idea is feasible, I wonder just how seamless one could make the transition?

Is anyone aware what assets @CromFr was using to achieve the results in the video?