Bring Bret's Family to Fort Ilkard

Neverwinter Nights’ Original Campaign, Chapter 3, when I got into NWTools to check out any of the quests I have missed, I realized I missed two; Recover the Star Sapphire (which I have got) and Bring Bret’s Family to Fort Ilkard.

I can’t seem to find anybody called Bret in Fort Ilkard, anywhere. I thought maybe he’s called something else as NPC, perhaps a settler conscript, but no.

So has anybody seen anybody called Bret? Or is this actually a quest unfinished and left over?

Just going by what you say (I haven’t played that far into the OC in years) I did notice something. You said -

and later you say -

Which leads me to suspect that English is not your first language. Where it says to bring them to the fort it must mean that they are not yet at the fort until after you have brought them there. Therefore you won’t find them at the fort because they are somewhere else.


No, I did understand that perfectly. Besides, the Journal Editor says it exactly as it should:
“Bret, a soldier at Fort Ilkard, fears for the safety of his young wife and newborn child. He has promised a reward if they are escorted from his homestead in the west to the safety of Fort Ilkard.”

The thing is, there is no soldier called Bret in Fort Ilkard and there is no “Bret’s Family” in any homestead.

I’m very sure this is an unfinished and abandoned quest, but I would like a confirmation even if unofficial.

@Tarot_Redhand As I was going to St Ives… arguably implies that no one else was. Likewise, Bret could be at the fort, even if his family weren’t. That might be the point.

@Iewu_Marallax Funny thing is, that quest doesn’t exist in any of the walkthroughs I can find. I wonder whether it’s Deliver Eckel’s Letter or simply an error / orphaned quest in the journal.

That’s what I was thinking.

Maybe this is a quest that was to be done, but after tests, escorting the “family” was more a hassle than worth it, so the developers thought a simple fetch quest would be better.

According to the Journal Editor, most of the conversation is similar if not identical to Eckel’s, so surely this is simply an abandoned quest forgotten to be removed in the end.

Sorry about that. As this is an international site, I made an incorrect assumption. There is one thing that does strike me as odd though. As apparently there is no Bret, just who was it that gave you the quest? The wording from your journal does read as though the quest was given by Bret. Did you perhaps meet Bret out in the countryside while they were on patrol?

Anyway, I am currently running through the OC for the first time in years. Reason? Well I did buy EE and thought that I might as well use what I paid for. So when I eventually get to where you are I’ll keep an eye out for Bret and their family.


Sorry, I was very misinformative in that aspect…

There is no “Journal Entry”, I have only found this when I was using NWTools, through the “Journal Editor” itself.
I use it to find out if I by any chance accidentally missed out a quest or so.

Bret appears nowhere in the game (not even in NWTools it seems) and this journal can’t be obtained anywhere, except perhaps by using DM and Console commands.

Traces of this quest and Bret appear only as Journal entries and a conversation.

Sounds like a quest that was cut from the game.

It’s been a while since I played this one, but I do remember a quest to recover a guards wife and infant child. I’m pretty sure his name was not Bret, however. They had been kidnapped by goblins (I believe). When you find them, the first thing the goblins do is kill the wife. I forget exactly what happened but in negotiating with the goblins for the child, I must have said the wrong thing and they killed the baby too. Oops… This was the encounter that shifted my alignment deeply to chaotic evil and earned me the title of The Destroyer.

I think you played SoU instead of the OC. Those were kobolds that killed Adam (the husband) and were kidnapping the baby.

On the other hand there was surely something like an orphaned story in the 3rd chapter. As soon as you leave Fort Ilkard (after fighting the Barbarians’ subchief) you meet a corpse with a letter (there is a similar occurence even in the trolls’ caves in the 2nd chapter). there’s even an abandoned home next to Eckel’s house were you find an obliterated family and a journal of theirs in there.