Bringing in different compainions

Is it possible to bring in companions from different campaigns? Like bringing in Kaelyn into the OC.

not quite sure how to follow the steps there.

I thought it might be safer to pop them into an area and recruit them, but I’ll try out the utility.

I made a script that let’s you replace OC companions with whatever you want - but it does bug the Mask Campaign.

Well I have seen that, but i want to keep all OC companions, and add more from the different campaigns.

Then again I could use it to make all companions female… hehehe

OK XD Sounds like you’re not really building a party - more like an army :smiley:

A harem would be more accurate, as i got the sexy addons working. I had a good laugh everytime the females walk around the city dressed in dancer outfits, and sporting strap ons… gawds dont anyone bat an eye?? :smiley:

I agree. The OC scripters should do a better job on behavioral AI regarding the NPCs reaction do sex appeal.
I feel ya, though - I once modded a PC head model just so I can play the entire OC as Ammon Jerro. Watching Ammon Jerro calmly talk to Ammon Jerro was totally worth it.

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The girls even went to see Nasher in those sexy getups and the old man didnt even react lol.

Maybe should change all the greycloaks to females too…

I you REALLY wanna go that far… I’m pretty sure I could make a script that would make people react to your party… 'Cause it’s actually not that hard. I’m handling tougher stuff on the Viking Village project :stuck_out_tongue:

I might but I think I can do that later.

I think i’ll follow this method of adding companions instead;

Is it complete? I dont really need the new comp to converse, just join the roster as a permanent member.

Cause I tried Universal Companion Database v. 0.9, and after adding the files to overrides the Mask campaign didnt flow properly - safiya does not appear at the starting.


Here it goes;

Adding the default Kaelyn into OC.

Set conversation to the new dlg. Faction Defender

Anything I missed?