Broken Archive?

The archive “African Animals of the Savannah v1beta (a combo) by Killmonger (179)” seems to be defect, I can’t open it with 7z. Killmongers Animals

Maybe it has only the content of the three other archives, but I don’t know for sure. Please have a look eventually.

Yep, that’s broken. Right-click on it and select Test Archive, 7zip says it can’t open it and that it isn’t an archive. Right-click on it and select Edit with Notepad++ reveals it looks like an archive inside so it must be corrupt.

I note that the last comment on the project page says that it is corrupt also.


Recently I have been informed of this problem.
Currently scouring harddrives for the original files
Apologies to all concerned…

Thanks! Is the broken archive not just a collection of the other three?

The other three were just loaded together into a combo.
However, I have uploaded a repack of the original files (with two 2da) into kaasv11b.
Apparently there are skinmesh issues with the Stygian Lion’s jaw…
When I get a some time back in max, I intend to address same, but afaik it works in game…

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