Broken content link


one of the links to required content on a module page is broken.
the referring page is GZ1 - Baroness von Vielenstein. the broken reference is to the Coastlines hak.


That link refers to a rar file - coastline55.rar. There is a coastline55.rar on
Ixion Coastline Beta 0.52 + Arkangyl’s Coastal v55 update + Coastal Ships.

I just did a google search for coastline55.rar. From there I did a search for Arkangyl which leads to this -

Coastline w/ Minimap

which is probably the one that should be referenced on that web page you mentioned. It tells you exactly what is contained in it.


thanks for the quick reply TR.
i’m surprised the link would be to arkangyl’s coastline ; the module calls for a hak called ‘ruralcoast.hak’, not arkangyl’s coastline v.55 hak. could the original [now broken] link have been an incorrect reference in the first place ?

From my investigation I think that was a totally mangled link. If you look at it you’ll see that there is a 4 digit number embedded within it. That is a reference to the location on Rolovault. When I checked that out, the number referenced a font hak. So go figure.