Broken Link - Lords of Darkness 4

I apologize if this is in the wrong place. While trying to download a module, I noticed that the formatting seemed to be broken (checked in 3 different browsers).

Under files, both links seem to be broken (unless I am missing something).

Both links seem to be working.

You might need to right-click or long-press to get the download option, depending on your browser and OS.

That’s weird. In mine (I tried firefox, opera, and edge), they are plain text and not links at all. The links under required hakpaks work fine.

Oddly, they seem to have duplications. Here’s how they look:

Just use the links below where it says -


i.e. Lords of Darkness 4 - For Crown and Country (0) for the module and use the links below where it says -

Required projects

for the haks and music files. Ignore any other links.


Yeah, that was a good idea. Thanks. :slight_smile: