Buffing Spell Damage & Hardcore Mode

Buffing Spell Damage:
Would there be any way to buff spell damage across the board in some way - without manually touching every spell script for the base game & PRC? I’ve developed a module akin to Diablo. At a certain point around level 10-15, weapons are far superior to any damage I can muster up with a spell. Spells become more utility at that point.

The ideas I’ve had are something like a bound item that adds to the spell damage if the item exists in the PC inventory. Or like if I can add a weapon property that gives bonus spell damage.

Hardcore Mode:
Is it possible to create a item that a player could somehow choose on initially joining the server where if they have the item in their inventory at the time of dying, that their character is removed fromt he server vault?

Actually I think I just thought of a way to do the hardcore mode. Basically just add in a journal entry for it if they choose it, and if they die, wipe inventory and equipment, and their respawn is set somewhere they can never access the world from.

So many of the spells have scripted level limits. One would need to write a spellhook that fixes that in one way or another or edit each spell with the limits.

Yes. I have something like this on Arkhalia.

Method 1: NWNX (is what I use)
Method 2: Impose penalties to damage immunities.
Method 3: Use Community Patch dynamic spell overriding feature to increase their damage cap, dice or other factors + raise creature caster level (possibly using same feature). However, this is limited to spells that deal damage per caster level, spells like acid fog with static damage are gonna be problem with this. Also, CPP doesn’t allow to dynamically increase damage of creature special abilities such as Cone of Fire - they however scale with NPC total level.

Awesome. Thanks for this info. I’ll look into #3, as I’ve never had much luck getting nwnx working.