Bug: Aielund Saga - boarding Redoubtable

Specs: NWN:EE Android edition, playing on Chromebook.

Got and played the Saga’s Act 1. However, at end of the Act, I cannot board the Redoubtable. I’ve had the conversations with the Princess,with Dante, and Nellise. Also with the Captain. But there’s just no conversational route which actually gets me to the point where I can board the ship (or rather, the longboat to the ship). Everybody (except Dante and Nellise) says “Let’s go!” and then… nothing.

Worse, much worse: I have not yet downloaded Act 2. So I thought maybe I need to do that first, by starting a new game with that act… but I can’t start a new game AT ALL. ANY game: it gives me one of those crash screens, with a freshly created crash/debug file.

Advice? Thanks for any ideas!

AFAIK the game has no bugs in this part, but there are always the usual suspects.

  • uninstall any 3rd party add on you might have installed
  • clear the override folder
  • If the above doesn’t work, reinstall the game
  • If the above doesn’t work, use a windows machine :slight_smile:
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Thanks. The Android version has some “surprises,” yeah, but this was pretty awful.

FWIW, I still don’t know if this will work, but late last night I:

  • Backed up all the data in the data and user folders
  • Uninstalled and re-installed the NWN:EE app.
  • Started a new game, selecting Aielund/Chapter 2. This makes the game download the thing from the vault. (AFAIK, this is the ONLY way in the Android version to get custom mods from the vault – i.e., you can’t do like in Windows and just download/extract the .zip’s to the correct folders. Kind of a pain because the UI doesn’t show you EVERY custom mod in the vault, just a selection of them, and I’d really wanted to play some old favorites…)
  • Exited the game once the downloads completed.

My next step will be to copy over all the saved content (including hak’s, sav’s, etc.) from that backed-up game, and then just REALLY starting Chapter 2 (as a redditor suggested) from scratch, using the most recent save of my character.

We’ll see! Thanks again.

There are ways. You can download from the vault using your web browser, unpack using RAR app, then move to the correct folders using a file manager app e.g FX. Even easier if you have a USB link to a PC - select Transfer Files, then do everything in Windows Explorer.

The path to install on is Android > Data > com.beamdog.nwnandroid > files > user.

More detail here:

P.S. I heard there is / was an issue on Android 11 (which I don’t have yet). It seems you need to choose a file manager app that gives you access to Android > Data. At least some do (when 11 first shipped, Google locked everyone out of their data, which Google regards as a feature, not an epic fail).