Bug. Can't get advance past Hrusk in the Gauntlet

I’m in Blacklake trying to complete The Gauntlet and when I beat Hrusk and speak to the referee she just sends me back against Hrusk again. I can’t get her to pit me against the other combatants. I know I did this just fine years ago when I was playing the copy I bought at a store. I’m using the GOG edition now. Can anyone help?

Using lever after you killed Hrusk should give you amulet that acts as a proof. I suppose you didn’t received this amulet because of the bug in lever script (most likely some modification altered decayment of the corpse, or you didn’t wait until corpse has decayed before pulling the lever).

So either re-try and after killing Hrusk wait some time before pulling the lever, or spawn the item ‘m1s04ibadgelvl01’ via console (write ##DebugMode 1 then ##dm_spawnitem m1s04ibadgelvl01 )

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Thanks Shadooow! I am using Hyper-Gore Re-Revised Edition which delays the decay of bodies. I will try waiting to see if the amulet shows up (although I did loot the corpse of Hrusk and it was not there). If not, I will spawn it.

Have a great day!

I though that’s the case…

Anyway, if waiting will be for too long there are 2 options:

  • spawns the amulets (01 for hrusk 02 03 and 04 for next opponents)
  • temporarily uninstall the hyper gore

Hi again, Shadooow.

I entered the commands as you posted in the console. I got the “success” message, but I did not get the amulet in my inventory and it did not spawn in the arena. BTW, Even though I have the Hyper-Gore on, Hrusk still decays but he just drops normal loot like a couple of gold pieces. He decays very fast after he dies before I can enter the command to spawn the amulet. Where does the amulet spawn after I enter the spawn command?

console will spawn item at the position of the cursor at the time of entering the command

the amulet is normally acquired when pulling the lever not from loot

OK The cursor issue was my problem. I spawned them after each fight. Thank you very much for all your help!!!

I just think you get to the lever too fast. When you defeat Hrusk you have to be sure that even his animal companion is killed. Once you do that, be sure to wait a little until the red battle mark turns white (the time you have to wait i.e. to rest or talk after a battle occurred), otherwise the game will recognise you were still fighting and the opponent weren’t defeated yet.

The problem here is/was that OP used an override package that prolonged the “decay of corpses” for very long time and that the script didn’t considered the npcs killed untill their corpses disappeared.

But yes the issue can be reproduced even without that package hence why I said it is a bug in campaign script. Though maybe than bug it is just very bad design.