Bug? Enabling cross-area waypoints saturates CPU!


I’m Yeol the Clumsy, and I’m new to this server. I’m fiddling with the toolkit, and noticed a problem. I think something is wrong with the implementation code for cross-area waypoints. When enabling the option in the module onload scripts the game starts to stutter severly.


Without this option the game runs fine: 20% CPU load, 20% GPU load, 60FPS, so very relax. I have 4 areas, and 1 cross area waypoint chain with just 1 NPC walking it.

When I enable the option, 1 core of the CPU shoots up to 100%, the game starts to stutter and FPS drops to 11. The game becomes near unplayable.

Does anybody know the cause? Is there a remedy? Is this known, or new with the recent update of build 14?

And do you have crossarea waypoints?

If yes, then my guess is this is caused by pathfinding code in engine. Are you using Diamond edition or NWN-EE ? NWN-EE claimed to improve pathfinding, so if you have Diamond try EE, if you have EE try Diamond - might be a regression that you should report if confirmed.

If you do have cross-area waypoints, you need at least two per area per creature tag. Otherwise, the engine could be thrashing creatures back-and-forth between areas, with no pause for walking in between.

I have the Steam version, no idea if that is a Diamond edition or not. I had 1 waypoint in the first area, and several (17) in another.

I have placed a second waypoint in the first area, and now the CPU is acting normal. The minimum number of waypoints seems to be 2 per area, or else the algorithm is getting mad (looping=CPU overload).

So, thank you for the suggestions, the problem has been solved. :slight_smile: