Bug fixing in toolset. Noob questions

Hello all!
I played a very enjoyable mod, but I ran into a few bugs that don’t let me complete some quests.
Therefore, I would like to “try” to fix them; however, I am a complete beginner of the NWN 1.69 toolset.

The type of bugs are:

  1. a plot person is not placed in a specific area (I should talk to him and either persuade/fight him for a key to enter into the next area);
  2. a conversation does not continue as expected (the second “baloon” does not provide the selectable choices);
  3. I should save a person imprisoned; there are two of him in the jail, and when I speak to his chief (who opened the quest to free him), the conversation does not trigger (he should recognize the saved eprson and thank me, so the entry in the journal can be moved to the "completed " section);
  4. I have to place a specific object in an altar. However, when I click on the altar to open the “inventory container” ( I hope that I have used the correct language), my charactr continuously bumps on the altar, without opening the container.

Unfortunately, I am a complete noob of the toolset, so I would like to ask your kind help to understand how to fix at least some of them.
Are these easy/understandable exercises?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

These are probably fixable if you’re happy to start a new game from scratch.

Editing a saved game is not directly possible using the toolset, though there are workarounds.

Of course, your changes might break other things that the author intended, so it might not be quite right first time.

  1. Might be as simple as painting the plot character in the correct area.
  2. We’d probably need to see the conversation to advise on what needs changing.
  3. Might be fixed by deleting the duplicate prisoner - if not, post the Chief’s script.
  4. Try turning the altar through 180 degrees to see whether it’s easier from the other side - if not, try changing the appearance to a different altar - last resort is to move the altar contents to an invisible object which is nearer to the player.

There are Toolset Guides here on the Vault.

This one could probably be fixed without using the toolset: it happens when the walking area is encumbered. What you could do is click somewhere near the altar, and when your character finally goes there (you may have to try other locations), then click on the altar.
If that doesn’t work, don’t forget the WASD keys :wink:

Thank you for your replies!
My aim is to fix them and be able to enjoy more next playthroughs!

I need to learn the basics of the toolset, and I’ll check on the vault for documentation and guides.

The conversation is as follows, the beginning is the highlighted sentence in yellow (“I’m sorry. The red dragon is…”).
Then, the balloon below reflects how the convo should continue (taken by a very version of the mod):

After that, the halfling at the right of me requests me who I am, letting me pass despite the guard’s refusal:

I point out that this conversation should be a consequence of my actions in game (that is, a NPC tells me to spy on monks, and try to infiltrate them).

Re. Tutorials. First see this thread for how to get the best use of these forums including how to post code. Then there is this one with a load of links to tutorials.