Bug: Music stops at random. Vid included

Short video of the bug

Music abruptly stops in the toolset as well as in game. In game seems to be more stable, but still happens at random. Happened with multiple modules. Happens with custom, or default music. Override folder is empty. Using EE, Anyone know how to fix? Thanks.

Mine does the same thing inside the toolset. I’ve reported it multiple times but was assured by Beamdog that everything is working appropriately and they can’t reproduce the bug.

Suggestion: Compare system specs. Hardware, drivers. If you’ve both got the same bug, and BD can’t reproduce it, then in between the both of you and BD’s machines, it might be possible to spot a pattern.

My computer is pretty old (got it in 2013) but I use GeForce, and have been using voicemeeter bananna for video and streaming. I’m downloading the latest driver now from geforce. I’ll update this after.

Edit: I have a GeForce GTX 650. After installing latest driver (431.36) it rendered the toolset unusable. Crashes to desktop whenever I try to load an area. 1.69 Toolset still works. Actual game still runs and didn’t have the music glitch after a few minutes.

Edit Part 2: Found a fix for the crashing on Beamdog forum, but music bug persisted in toolset.

In game seems pretty stable after a few minutes. Also, I turned off my voicemeeter. I guess it’s one of those things I’m willing to live with as long as music works in game.

It’s some kind of EE toolset bug. Beamdog has addressed and has tried to fi x it, but all it will do is play for abit then sop. Otherwise the music still runs when you run the .exe client