Butchering Zombies and shattering skeletons!

Not quite that brutal but it should get some attention. Not that these forums suffer from lack of help.

Is there any way to make undead take critical hits ?

I’ve looked through the properties of a few of my little horrors and can’t see anything but it might be hiding somewhere as you can never trust a zombie.

I don’t really want to change their status to human or make humans look like zombies etc. as it could annoy clerics and paladins. Although technically paladins are banned from my mod clerics would suffer along with undead damaging items.

I don’t mind having a changed undead behaviour script ( if there is one ) as I could put it in as an optional override for people that want to hack the undead to bits.

Any ideas ?

In the inventory of the creature there is a ‘creature hide’ slot. In that slot should be a property item. For example, a zombie has one called “zombie properties”. Those property items are what give the creature it’s resistances, among other things. So you could change that item to something else or make a new item that has no resistances to crits.


Awesome ! That is just what I was looking for. I’d forgotten about the creature hides and would never have found it.

Many, many thanks travus. The undead are in real trouble now ( apart from the falling apart thing ) !

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