Buying NWN: EE

Do I still have to buy Neverwinter Nights: EE even if I have the old non-EE version of NWN?

Yes. The old Diamond/1.69 version cannot be upgraded to EE.

Just curious to know what patch/version of Nwn:EE is currently downloadable from GOG…

(only 64bit ?)

Any word about the v1.86.8193.34 ?


Just checked and that is the current version on GOG.

AFAIK and IIRC, back when there were live streams for EE, it was announced that the game was going to be 64 bit only. Toolset, I think, is still 32 bit but that might change when that new patch is released. Before you ask, no idea when that will be though.


.34 is the latest stable build, .35 is in alpha/beta

and as TR said game is 64 bit only and toolset is 32, there are people working on a new toolset but not in a million years would i expect that to be 32 of any sort.

That toolset is unlikely to come this year for public testing.

AFAIK, that toolset you’re referring to - Varenx Toolset - is a personal project and won’t be part of any official release.

Work is continuing on the official 32-Bit toolset, with themes having been added in a test version available for 35 and offered for download on Discord

Yes, it is an unofficial one, there is also another person making one besides Varenx, but cant remember his name right now.