Calling all nautical types!

I’m looking at this sailing ships package by Oseryn which basically has ships sailing past port and sometimes docking ( although non boardable).

I gather some here in the past have used this system and wonder if you might be able to help.

After much fiddling I’ve managed to get the straight path, parallel to the dock, ships working ( non-dockable). However, I can’t figure out how or where to place the dockable ones.

In the screenshot below you can see the straight line ship heading right to left. It works perfectly . however, the one you see docked in the centre only seems to have two positions - activated which means it goes to finishing position ( docked) and "default or “inactivated” which both send it off to the top left of the green box.

The other thing immediately obvious when playing the demo module (below) is that there are a series of waypoints leading into the docking plus a plethora of scripts in the left pallet whereas I have none in mine, despite having imported both the erf and the hak. He also uses a switch, although I’m not sure if that’s necessary or not.

puzzled Jack Tar

The only one I used had three states - arriving from off the map, “docked” (i.e. stopped) nearby, and departed off the other side of the map.

In game, simply using PlayAnimation to change from one state to the next created the desired illusion of very slow movement.

Sorry if that doesn’t add to what you already know…

Thanks, Proleric. I’d actually be surprised if it didn’t add to what I know !

When you say Playanimation are you meaning the placeable being set to activated rather than default or inactivated? Or are you talking about something else entirely?

From the lexicon -

void PlayAnimation(int nAnimation, float fSpeed = 1.0, float fSeconds = 0.0);


Yes, that’s what I’m talking about.

The initial state is Default.

The first animation (arriving at dock) is ANIMATION_PLACEABLE_ACTIVATE.

The second (leaving dock) is ANIMATION_PLACEABLE_DEACTIVATE.

In the toolset, both Default and Deactivate render the ship in the “arriving” off map position. However, in game, Deactivate shows the ship “leaving” towards the other side of the map. If I remember correctly, that’s because the Deactivate animation moves the ship “forward”, until the very last frame, which jumps it “back” to the Default start position (players will never see this, because both positions are off-map).

Thanks again @Proleric. So , just to be clear the docking system works by just using the default, inactivated and activated states ( as indeed the straight path one does) ?

No placing of waypoints for a path or scripts in the left hand panel of the toolset, unlike the demo screenshot above ?

That’s all I had to do, but I didn’t investigate the demo module or scripts in any detail.

My application only uses the Caravel Docking Right model, in a cutscene. The PC is in conversation on a ship. As the conversation unfolds, the Caravel pulls alongside and stops. When the conversation is over, the Caravel moves off. All done with the animations.

Any other scripting was to suit my needs for the cutscene. For example, if the player completes the first half of the conversation before the Caravel is alongside, I pause the conversation until that event is complete. The captain of the Caravel appears on deck to join in the conversation (using trickery that needn’t detain us here).

The Caravel moves in a straight line. I notice that Oseryn has made many variants, so I can’t promise that they all work the same way.

No, that’s the info I was needing. Thanks. I’m thinking the extra scripts in his demo have been bundled into the erf or are connected with the switches he uses to send ships in and out of port or something.

Off to try again . . .