Camera Control

Is there a way to dynamically adjust the camera angle upward? ( I want to look up at architecture. I know I had something installed or tweaked when I was playing nwn, it might have been a hacked nwnmain.exe install)

It seems most of the old uploaded files for tweaking camera angles required dialogs or other cumbersome control mechanisms.

You can adjust the vertical angle by holding down the middle mouse button and moving the mouse. Is that what you mean?

I am aware of that, but you cannot adjust the camera angle to look up.

Ah, I see. There are several camera mods on the Vault that alter nwmain.exe to allow expanded viewing angles without any dialogs, etc. Those are only going to be good for 1.69 or earlier, though. I don’t think there’s anything like that for EE, though. There are settings in nwnplayer.ini that control the minimum and maximum camera pitch, but they don’t seem to allow negative numbers.

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Unfortunately, that confirms the dark conclusion I drew from my initial research. I was really hoping there was an EE camera hack, or better yet, some switch or setting to drop in an ini file to enable full camera control.

Thank you for your insights into the matter.