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So I remember back in the day when I used the Campaign Editor feature in the toolset to modify the campaigns. Now I’m using it again right now to edit the party size limits in all four campaigns among other minor things, but every time I press Save Campaign and close the toolset, next time I open it back up, it ignored my edits and reverted back. Does anybody know how to stop that?

That is a bug in the toolset.

No fixing it?

No, there is no fix. The toolset doesn’t retrieve the party size value properly. So if you save the campaign properties again you need to make sure beforehand to set the party size correctly before doing so.

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Try this R-Mod instead of the toolset to change the party size.
DebugMode 1
rs ga_party_limit(9)
DebugMode 0
() can be the total number of npc’s available.

I already know this command. The problem with it is that I’ll have to remember to do it every time I go into an act. I’d rather some sort of permanent solution. 'Sides, there are a couple of other things I wanna do through the campaign editor. Also, I don’t think the command works in MotB.


Links don’t work.

They work. The problem is on your side.

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Made it work. Testing out these mods. Probably should’ve put them here, though.

I’ve already helped you by providing that link and you could show a little gratitude, you know.


I give gratitude when I see the mods work. Given the results of the hotbar one, though, the rest probably work just as well, so thanks.

I’ll say thanks :grinning:. . . been playing this for a long time and never knew about the hack. I was always frustrated that I couldn’t expand my party.

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There’s also the command to forcefully add a companion to your party, but this mod’s better.