Campaign Scripts in Folders

I play sandbox style via campaigns. To save time, I load linked mod scripts in folders and just drop load them into all the campaigns in which they will be used. The problem is, when using the toolset, I can’t see the scripts in the folders using the campaign tab (you can see all the scripts not in folders). Is there a way to view these scripts in the toolset without taking them out of the folders?

No. Not that I have found. (I would have liked the same.) It seems script files (in a campaign folder) need to be outside of sub-folders to be viewable in the toolset.

This is also quite important, as I believe they also need to be outside of sub-folders to also be included in any later compiling. I ended up keeping all scripts outside of sub-folders for this very reason.

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There are quite a few plugins for the toolset out there. Would it be possible for anyone that has made those kind of plugins to do a plugin that made this possible?

Thanks for your reply. I have had to do the same (take them out to modify them). Makes the campaign folder messy and overcrowded. One work around if u only need to modify something small is to access and attach the script through/to a dummy object or book (I keep several of these in maker modules for reasons like this). Once you make the change, give the script the same name and export it to the folder and overwrite the existing one. Lot of extra work though…smh!