Campaigndownloaderresources.xml - What is it? What does it do? (Plus placeable.2da questions) - Now with screenshots

Hi All,

I am in the process of trying to sort out my placeables.2da and noted this file (campaigndownloaderresources.xml) appears to have something to do with my current “sort out”.

Furthermore, (and I mention this in case it’s related) I do not understand why I have some entries in the placeables.2da that have question marks in them, such as “plc_mc_rug_anim_??”

i.e. I found reference to “plc_mc_rug_anim” within the campaigndownloaderresources.xml while trying to understand why the “animated rug” placeable I have does not appear to render with any design either in the toolset or in game.

A long while back now (after I had downloaded and added these new placeable), I lost the file I was using to store who and where they had come from. All I can add, is that this “animated rug” appears alongside some other files to do with “water”, so either they are related, or I just lumped them together for my own reasoning.

OK, I know it’s a long shot, but can somebody explain:-

  1. The xml file purpose and usage?
  2. The “??” in the model names within the placeable.2da.
  3. Why my “animated rug” has lost its pattern?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. The “??” in the model names within the placeable.2da.

in short this indicates a multipart model and is typically used for animated models. You see this a lot with double doors and with player race creatures (since the head is a separate part from the body).

  1. Why my “animated rug” has lost its pattern?

Most likely the model is missing if it does not appear. A model with a missing texture will render the model with the “missing texture” texture (it literally says missing texture, and is brightly colored, you can’t miss it).


Hi Kamal,

Thanks for the feedback … Do you happen to recall if the “animated rug” was anything to do with some of your own creations?

The weird thing is, the rug does not appear to have a missing 2da texture - just a wrong texture … I will try to post some screenshots.

I also posted the list of files that I appear to have “associated” with this particular placeable - For some reason it included some water sefs?


EDIT: Anyone recall where these files may have originally come from?

Any help?, Lance.

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Definitely nothing I’ve made, I only made something animated because rjshae did the actual work for me.

My guess it that it is from something like a pack of trapdoors? If you have the placeables cornucopia, you can search for that model name. Presuming it’s in the cornucopia the file location should tell you where it’s from.

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Hi Kamal,

This is meant to be a “flying carpet” animation … or even possibly water movement, but I simply cannot recall how or where I got it from. :frowning:

I’ll try checking your suggestions. Thanks, Lance.

EDIT: Actually, tinting the rug colours appears to resolve the appearance. I had forgotten that may have been required. (It floats at the height, wobbling, multi-coloured now.)


From me :slightly_smiling_face: