Can 2da be changed to make gauntlet containers?

Greetings all!
I used to play on the World of Aenea, a fabulous PW rich with custom content! One of the things I remember most is that Amethyst Dragon had a set of gauntlets, and a belt or two, that could be equipped as normal, but could be used as containers.
I recently asked him about this, and he said that it was a line in the baseitems.2da that could make such magic happen.
I have been looking at .2das and customizing .2das, and I am beyond lost.
Can anyone in the know offer any advice (best ways to learn about modifying .2das, someone who has done something similar to what I want to do, etc)?
I should mention that right now I am mucking around in the Diamond Edition.
Many thanks in advance, friends in the NwN community!

In essence, you’d copy the line for, say, Belt, to a new line, with the Container column set to 1 rather than 0, and call it Belt Container or whatever.

Then, in the toolset Item Wizard, make a new item, of base type Belt Container.

The unmodified 1.69 file is here.

The layout is explained here.

2da editing is discussed here.

In summary, a 2da file is a text file, arranged in rows and columns. New lines are generally added at the end, with a line number one higher than the final line for ease of reference.

The modified 2da is imported to a .hak file using nwhak (a utility that ships with the game). The .hak file is added to the module in the toolset (Module Properties > Custom Content).

Friend Proleric,

So many thanks to you! After utilizing those resources, and mucking around for many hours, I was finally able to make my specialized containers! Thank you so much!

Stay safe, and have a wonderful day!


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