Can a persistent world override entries in dialog.tlk?

Is there any way to accomplish this currently?

(Also: is there any ‘persistent world’ category on this forum? Couldn’t find one, but then I’m a dinosaur who’s too accustomed to the old-style forums.)

I believe the rules regard .tlks are the same for modules and PWs so the answer is no unless of course you tell your players to download your version of dialog.tlk and overwrite the one they already have.

no, but you can change tlk reference to vanilla content into custom tlk

Shadooow, what I’m trying to alter is the descriptions of the spell schools. I’ve changed the opposition schools for a few of them but the descriptions in dialog.tlk are still the old ones. That text shows up during character creation - can that be changed using the method you’re talking about?


spellschools.2da column Description ?

I just can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Spellschools2da has been modified and the descriptions are pointing to 16777252, -3, 4, etc. (the rows in the custom tlk file) but the never seem to load when starting a character. I’ve double-checked all files and haks: the hak containing the modified spellschools.2da is in the right place, the tlk file is the updated one, etc.

Is there some trick to getting haks/tlk files to load before character creation? I thought this was a feature of NWN:EE but I wasn’t sure if it was enabled by default. In my case, I have a Linux VM running the game server, and am connecting to it via Multiplayer/Join LAN Game.

Hmm, I didn’t check, but character creation is hardcoded from huge degree. It is possible that the spellschool description tlk reference is hardcoded and ignores 2da.

Verified. It is hardcoded, the Description column in spellschools.2da is ignored both in character creation and when levelling up ingame.


  • request change from beamdog or report it as a bug
  • modify dialog.tlk and tell your players to download your tlk and replace their dialog.tlk with yours
  • if you use 1.69 I can code this feature for NWNCX_Patch plugin. So you would tell your players to run client via NWNCX + NWNCX_Patch and that would enabled it.

Shadooow, thanks so much for verifying this. I’ll report it to Beamdog as a bug and maybe it’ll get fixed at some point down the road.