Can not start NWN2 Character editor

I just got a new PC without a disk drive, so I installed my GOG complete version. I tried to run the character editor, and it gave me a cannot find install directory. I saw in the install directory there is way to change the jar file to the new game directory, but I have no clue on how to execute the command. I tried the windows command prompt (knowing it probably wouldn’t work and it didn’t). Also did GOG do something to this version with the mouse speeds. I cranked the setting for mouse turn speed all the way to max in the nwn2player.ini file and it did nothing to speed up the turn speed when using the mouse. I didn’t try the keyboard setting.

the toolset isn’t a character editor, it require direct X9 C to be installed and with direct X 9C should run without trouble.

Lucky the toolset works fine without needing direct 9x downloaded. I know I should not post something right before going to bed since I usually don’t phrase my post clearly. The character editor I’m have problems with is the one that was created by Ron Hoffman (not sure when it was created) that you download from the vault. Since it is written in Java, I’ve got no idea how to edit it to have it point to GOG NWN2 complete directory instead of the original NWN2 install directory.

Have you checked the comments here? (my guess is that this is the editor you are using)

The last comment by LordVolton suggests creating a small bat file with a bit of code…Maybe try that? (I have never done stuff like that myself but maybe it’s not that hard).

Change the shortcut to C:\Java\bin\javaw.exe -DNWN2.install.path=“C:\GOG Games\NWN2 Complete” -Xmx256m -jar NWN2Editor.jar

Of course the initial Java path needs to be where your Java is installed.


Oh I have been thru this nightmare. Here is the end of a multi-part thread that resolves it for most people (but if you did not install it to native “C”, you will have a bear of a time (basically with GOG everything must be on the same drive!). If you haven’t gotten it to work yet, this will work, provided you follow the exact step for your install

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I wanted to thank everyone of the tips on getting the character editor to work. I just couldn’t get to work, so I went with plan B. Made a copy the GOG NWN2 folder, then removed GOG version, used my new external drive to load it from disks. I then copied the GOG file over top the disk version so I wouldn’t have to patch it. Everything works great now. Hopefully this PC will last me 13 years like the last one.


Great. Though I didn’t mention it in this post, I use the disk version in conjunction with the GOG version. The game defaults to the disc version’s game folder in documents, but runs from the GOG folder on my C drive, I have maintained this on each PC port as I only bought the GOG version to get SOZ. I have found this method allows you to keep all the benefits of the original install’s easier mod integration, and still plug in all the GOG upgrades and updates. The way I did it was just to install the disk game and then put the GOG game on top of it. You can uninstall the disk c drive version then if you like (I do or don’t depending on how easy it is to install the editor!).