Can Someone Confirm or Deny This

I believe that sometime before NwN’s official release, Bioware made available a version of the toolset for potential builders to try out and as a marketing ploy. The question is am I correct in this?



I don’t remember it for NWN1 as I was a little late to the party but they did for NWN2 so could well have.

I think that happened yeah, or something like it.

They did release a version of the toolset before the game.
It was a BETA version - the info page is still up on FilePlanet archive.


Thanks for all the replies and especially that link. I needed to be certain before I posted this.

Thanks guys.



And the file itself might be in the archive of FP’s archive. Somebody determined enough could comb through the metadata to find it (unless you can dl it directly from FP, 'cause I couldn’t).

You can download it directly:


I had referrers disabled in the privacy settings. Now it works alright. But thanks for the upload anyway.

The toolset was released 4 months before the game was. ALFA used it to get a server ready for the games release. Not sure if it was a marketing gimick specifically or not . The ability of people to take the game and build the worlds they wanted in the way they wanted was a HUGE selling point at the time. Same for NWN2, but later it was decided that they lost out on too much money giveing away the ability for anyone to do what they wanted with the game :frowning:

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At least they kept the override folder in KOTOR & TSL :expressionless: