Can someone explain crafting differences please?

I can’t remember what the MotB crafting system is and don’t know if SoZ had one as I didn’t like it and got as far as the first town before giving up… Good stuff for the toolset though !

Anyway from what I know of the OC you get an item, mash it with a pestle and mortar, it becomes an essence, you read the recipe from a book and you stick your essence with a gem and whatever item you want on a workbench and cast a spell at it.

So what happens in MotB was it just no pestle and mortar mashing and did SoZ have a superior system ?

Also if you only want to upgrade weapons do you just need the craft arms and armour feat ? As I was thinking of just having weapons craftable.

One last thing, if you add points to a skill like craft weapons can you add it to a character with no points at all in that skill or would they need at least one that they put on themselves. I know use magic items doesn’t work if you have an item that gives you +10 of that skill unless you have at least one point on it already but if I add it with the toolset does that count as a “real” point ?

Thank you.

SoZ has easy crafting - anyone in the party can possess items, etc. less tetris

MotB, iirc, merely added an Enchanter’s Satchel – a sort of portable workbench.*

whether OC-style or SoZ-style crafting is superior is uh debatable :p

OC-style ftw. But then, ill spend hours just moving stuff around in inventory …

* There are two sets of essences: one type in the OC and the other type in … i forget, but there’s two completely different sets of essences …

yep. If you can enchant weapons ya can enchant armor too.

idk, but Skills.2da says that crafting skills must be trained, like UseMagicDevice (in the “Untrained”=0 col)

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kevL_s… Thank you very much for all the information, I think I understand what the differences are and what I have to do now to be able to craft weapons.

I know what you mean about the tetris and wanted to make it pretty simple just for weapons with not so many essences/ items available etc, I’ll just have no books for armour !

the SoZ system has recipe-items that are required to craft or enchant … perhaps you should look into that since then your mod’s crafting results might be strictly controlled

kevL_s… Good idea, I will investigate.

The MotB system doesn’t even kick in until around level 12 IIRC. Serene and A Fairy Tale only go up to about 14 or 15 so MotB isn’t worth adding to those. Below epic levels, the MotB system doesn’t produce most of the useful effects a player would be interested in crafting.

The SoZ system requires the players to locate or purchase a specific recipe for each magical effect they want to be able to craft. Be careful because some recipes require additional rare items like “panther pelts” that you have to make sure are available in-game if you want to allow players to create that effect.

GCoyote… Oh, it’s getting more complex now with panther hunts !

I’d just be happy with flaming swords, maybe I can use the OC version change the names of the essences into “flaming gem” and " magical stone" rewrite a couple of books and nobody will know they’re using an essence or anything like that when they put the sword on the workbench and get a +3 flaming one back.

I just didn’t want it too fiddly or complicated and just for weapons.

I will have to start reading the crafting books now, thank you.


If all you want is +3 Flaming swords then why not do all of yer crafting in, say, a dialog with appropriate checks and dispensations? Or perhaps on an anvil with an OnUsed script … or whatever

i mean, if you want something that’s simple, DIY all the way!

ps. <- fixes and more

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I spent a lot of time going over the three crafting systems and managed to put together a system that amalgamated all three in my module, The Scroll. Here are the basics as I recall …

OC: Find and collect drops that you can use the mortar and pestle to make lesser essences. You can use the same to combine essences. Then use the lesser essences with other stuff like gems or items at a workbench with spells to do stuff.

MotB: Introduced Greater Essences, which just dropped from creatures without the need to create them from creature items first. You had to be much higher level to use the greater essences. You require a Shaper’s Alembic to combine or divide these essences.

SoZ: The simplest system. Just introduced “craft scrolls”, which if you had what was required, you could create or update an item.

There were a few bugs and anomalies in each system, which I remember ironing out. Here is a link to my blog where I searched for CRAFT and here are the results. You may find some additional info in there, especially if you are looking at altering it for your own module build.

You will also see information where I even altered the 2da files to ensure crafting was a viable option.

Thanks, Lance.

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kevL_s… I’ve been thinking about that and might have a few “useful dwarves” scattered about.

Lance_Botelle… Thank you for the information and link I’m going to have to investigate all this crafting stuff, but where are the craft scrolls in the toolset ?


It was years ago I first sorted this for my own module, and so maybe I created the blueprints myself as I find all mine as Campaign Items. However, do a search for “nx2_r_a_hshield”, as that is the first item I have as a recipe in my lists … EDIT: I may have even opened some of the SoZ folders and searched for them there and then moved copies to my campaign folder to work with.

Here is a screenshot from my toolset showing them as items ready to use …

Lance_Botelle… I haven’t got anything like that at all and the search comes up blank. I’ve definitely got SoZ installed and MotB because of some of the placeables and some of the items have the nx2 bit in their tags etc. But no scrolls or anything SoZ craftable, it’s weird.

OK, I just went and looked and found them again here … :slight_smile:

NOTE: They are in the ATARI official campaign folders.


Lance_Botelle… OK, found them, thank you. So these are hidden things that don’t appear in the toolset… Very sneaky indeed !

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