Can someone explain me why all portrait mods for use resolution of 128x128?

If everyone in their right mind will use Tchos’ HD UI.
So now i have tons of portraits that are useless since i have to make them myself or modify nwn 1 one.

Probably because a lot of people don’t know about or don’t use Tchos’ HD UI mod. I tend to include both resolutions in any portraits but that’s me. I kinda get it, 128x128 works with the base game, target the lowest spec.

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I agree with the statement above.
Tchos’ HD UI was made years ago, plus if you are getting custom portraits I assume you plan to mod the game because of the I summarize that you plan to use Tchos’ HD UI. It is one of the first mods you should download, I would compare it too skyUI for Skyrim.


For sure, it’s a must have mod. I remember when Tchos released it. He helped me out a lot when I first started my original Facelift pack. The 128x128 portraits don’t hold up on modern resolutions and the UI elements make all the difference when it comes to usability.

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Tchos’ UI unfortunately only works with English tlk… I agree it’s nice and all, but with French text (or more exactly tlk which use longer texts than English) you can’t see the information…


Completely agree! I don’t think I could go back to play without it nowadays.
It’s sad that it’s not compatible with other versions of the game but…well, I see no reason to not play it in other than english, but that’s just my humble opinion. Be ware english is not my native language, but if everyone used the english tlk I guess it wouldn’t be a problem…but I don’t know…

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True, I just tried it, on my polish version of the game and it doesn’t show everything.
I do not know if I want to play in English since polish had full localization of nwn 2.