Can someone help me find mods?

Hi I would like to have as many class and spell mods and many new monster mods in my game as possible as in NWN1 I had about 355 classes with over 600 spells, can you guys help me out to do it or even have more classes, spells, and other in NWN2? Thankyou for the help :slight_smile:

This section is for NWN2.

The OP is asking about NWN2.

Have a look at Kaedrin’s PrC Pack:


I am asking about NWN2 :frowning:

You can also look at Kaedrin’s PRC pack for NWN1 too.

Ah thanks rjshae, this could help out a lot. Do you know any others?

You can use the search function on the vault to screen for haks, creatures, and other mods to the standard game. Kaldor Silverwand has around dozen mods that allow you to customize your game.

Not a lot of spell packs, unfortunately. Here’s a fairly complete list of monsters for NWN2:

Other than that, try looking for NWN2 hakpacks under the Projects tab on the vault.

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prestige class: Artisan

idea by mindrider

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Tome of Battle: The Book of the Nine Swords

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Sorry, I’m blind.