Can Someone Test These Texture Maps Please

Having got @Kamal’s permission a long time ago, I am in the process of converting some of the textures in Kamal’s Texture Project to NwN. I am only using the diffuse textures and creating the rest of the textures using ShaderMap. The thing is as I haven’t got vast experience with this software, I am not 100% sure I have all the settings set up correctly. Because of this I am asking for help here.

Could someone take a look and see if this texture looks right. Here is a (untried) materials file (may well need the filenames shortening) -

renderhint NormalAndSpecMapped
texture0 TT_tcom_Brick_Design_UV_c_d 
texture1 TT_tcom_Brick_Design_UV_c_n
texture2 TT_tcom_Brick_Design_UV_c_s
texture3 TT_tcom_Brick_Design_UV_c_r
texture4 TT_tcom_Brick_Design_UV_c_h
texture5 null

Due to the fact that these forums can’t handle TGA, they are in PNG and will need converting. The texture I’ve chosen is the one in the top-left on @Kamal’s project page as it should be obvious if something is not quite right.






FWIW I don’t know why the spec one shows funny colours when it is set to monochrome. Anyway, these are all 1k textures (1k x 1k).

So if someone could try this (click each image to see them full size and optionally download them) and let me know if the result looks OK to them, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.


FWIW I now know what is wrong with the spec map above. It’s to do with an oddity of the Gimp. If you convert an RGBA (that’s an RGB plus Alpha channel) image to greyscale, it doesn’t work as you would expect. Even though it registers as being 8 bit greyscale, the Gimp leaves something behind in the image. To correct this it is necessary to go into Layer/Transparency/Remove Alpha Channel, preferably before you convert to greyscale.


Look at Appendix 3 - its got some info I’ve gleaned from conversations with Soren and a few things I’ve discovered on my own.

nwn_miscellany_ee_2022.7z (1.7 MB)