Can the non-enhanced NWN1 run the modules on GOG?

Will the Wyvern Crown, Tyrants and Darkness over Daggerford modules sold on GOG all still work with my original NWN1, or only the newer Enhanced one?

I strongly suspect that they will only work on EE and if you try to run them you’ll get the message about needing a newer version of NwN. However I haven’t tried this so don’t know for certain.


Thank you Tarot -
I noticed that the NWN1 EE was on sales with GOG for 4.99, so just bought it anyway. I probably own 5-6 licenses for it by now, lol.
But they very cleverly released the Wyvern and Daggerfall modules to only work with the version, so had no choice. I’ve wanted to play them forever.